10 Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrency has been the talk of the town, because of its highly profitable returns, and it is also considered an asset. Many countries have started to accept Cryptocurrencies into their market.

Though Cryptocurrencies are profitable and seem to be a great investment now and in the coming future, One thing we should all be aware of is that it is also highly volatile in nature. This causes hesitation among people to invest in it and is scared of losing their money. So it is better to start with small steps. There are many ways you can earn cryptocurrency completely free of charge without having the fear of losing your money. I’ll suggest some simple ways to earn cryptocurrencies for free.

Ways to earn Cryptocurrencies for free:

1. Learn and Earn

You can earn Cryptocurrencies while you’re gaining knowledge. In this method, you have to learn about crypto by watching their videos and they will test you by giving quizzes. After completing it you would earn crypto as a reward. Many sites like Coinbase, Coinex provide free cryptocurrencies for gaining knowledge about cryptocurrencies and answering the questions correctly.


2. Airdrop

An Airdrop is a marketing strategy that is used in the crypto business to introduce their virtual currency into the market and to make their currency familiar among the people.

They would offer that new coin for free to the crypto enthusiasts by giving them tasks like sharing their posts, retweeting their tweets, using their hashtags, and many more. By completing these kinds of tasks you will receive free coins. They would also offer coins to the crypto users who are more active in the business, they will get the coins directly into their wallets. This is just to attract more people into crypto and engage them with their coins. Almost all popular cryptocurrency exchanges offer airdrops for their users every now and then.


3. Bitcoin Interest

If you have Bitcoins, then some crypto exchanges give you interest in the crypto coins that you already have. There are several cryptocurrency exchange platforms that lend cryptocurrencies to users and earn interest via them. Some of the prominent lending programs include “Gemini earn”, BlockFi, etc. You should also be careful while using this method and know their terms and conditions before lending your crypto.


4. Reading or Writing Articles

If you’re interested in reading and writing, you can write or read articles that give you crypto as a reward. There are many guest blog sites that offer you money or pay you via cryptocurrency for writing cryptocurrency articles. Sites like PublishOx, Steemit, Bounty Hunty are some sites, where you can write and read articles and will be given crypto rewards in return.


5. Exchange Signup & Referral

Crypto Exchange is a platform where you can sell or buy cryptocurrencies. Numerous crypto exchanges are available in the current market. To gain many users they would offer opening bonuses for new users and also rewards for referring their exchanges to others with your referrals. To get crypto in this method you should just signup into such exchanges and just like that, they will give you crypto rewards for creating an account in their exchange.


6. Free Cryptocurrency for Social Media participation

Nowadays everyone uses social media platforms in our day-to-day life. Well, you can earn crypto by using social media sites

This is nothing but you should browse the websites or browser which yields you crypto rewards. Brave Browser and Lunar Crush are some of the most common ones to earn crypto for free. If you browse using their website, they will be giving you Crypto rewards, and additionally, if you wish to see their ads, that would also count separately in the rewards. In Brave browser, if you watch ads on their websites they will give you free Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which you can transfer to your wallet. Tokens are also growing along with the coins so it is also one of the best (digital assets) to earn. In Lunar Cash they provide you LUNR Tokens (New Token launched by LunarCrush).


7. Crypto Staking

Crypto Staking is a process where you can allow your coin to hold in a certain cryptocurrency wallet for security purposes in the blockchain network. In that process for holding your coin, you will be rewarded up to 20 percent annually from the amount of crypto you stake. This process takes place in the staking pool. Not all Cryptocurrencies or exchanges allow staking. Now Cryptocurrencies like Ether, Solana, Polkadot, and Cardano allow staking in the current market. Exchanges like Binance, CoinDCX, KuCoin, and some more allow crypto staking.

There are also certain risks in this staking process which we should keep in our mind. Since crypto is volatile, the value of the coins we hold in staking might change, so before staking analyze which coin you’re going to hold and its value.


8. Credit Cards

Many exchanges nowadays provide Cryptocurrency credit cards, whenever we make a payment using that Cryptocurrency credit card, reward points or cash back will be added to your account later on you can buy crypto coins using those rewards (multiple phrases in a single sentence). These exchanges will give us these rewards by joining with the other fintech firms.


9. Games

Everyone would’ve been excited after seeing the word Games, well it’s true there are a lot more games available in the market which give rewards for playing games. One most commonly used is Bitcoin games. But you should be careful because this is a kind of gambling which can get you addicted and lose money sometimes. You can also earn NFT by playing games and using NFT games you can earn crypto.


10. Mining

If you are a techie then Crypto mining suits you best. In the crypto business, miners will be rewarded with cryptos for solving the blocks which are involved in the transactions in Blockchain technology. Gas fees in crypto are what miners get as a reward.


Bonus line

Apart from these hacks, you can earn more profits by starting a long-term business. If you didn’t know, the crypto space holds huge potential for entrepreneurs to start crypto businesses. Speaking of which, there are numerous crypto businesses you can start. Like you can start a cryptocurrency exchange business or a payment gateway business or an NFT marketplace platform.

Among them, a trendy and highly profit-yielding business is starting a cryptocurrency exchange. It is a platform where the actual cryptocurrencies get exchanged. It has many revenue-generating streams and you can consider it as your passive income-generating business. As long as cryptocurrencies exist, there will be demand for crypto exchange platforms that will not reduce. You can start a crypto exchange by getting a feature-filled cryptocurrency exchange script from a reliable crypto exchange script provider.


Final words

These are some of the methods by which you can earn Cryptocurrencies for free and a lot more than this is also available in this business. In this article, I have mentioned only a few among them. Be aware of fake websites that are prone to scams. Don’t just blindly follow the links or websites while trying to earn cryptocurrency for free, this might pave the way to loss of money. So before doing anything regarding CRYPTO, always check for trusted sites. There are equally trusted websites in crypto you can use these methods but before that do some research on the sites which you’re going to trade or earn.

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