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Day: May 8, 2018


Facebook Reorganizes Into 3 Divisions Adding Blockchain Group

The most significant reorganization in Facebook’s 14-year history will divide it into three divisions, including a new blockchain group and fortified security. The shakeup, first reported by Recode, creates three main

Bruno Cerqueira

May 8, 2018 Market Update: Bytecoin, IOTA, ETH

Today the cryptocurrency market continued on a global correction path that’s now on the third consecutive day. Although most cryptocurrencies continued on the red, or

Pranshu Bajpai and Richard Enbody

What is Cryptojacking and How to Protect Yourself

Right now, your computer might be using its memory and processor power – and your electricity – to generate money for someone else, without you

Anonymous Contributor

The Worst Article Ever Written About Bitcoin?

Sometimes General News Media and Cryptocurrencies don’t Mix The article linked below was published in the Augusta Chronicle, a newspaper based in Augusta, Georgia and




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