3 of my favourite altcoins right now

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With the rise of Bitcoin there is now a lot more anticipation in the air and hope that the cryptocurrency market could soon see a big bull run again. And when it does, many of us speculate that it will not only be Bitcoin that will see some serious gains but a handful of exciting altcoins also.

So which of all the thousands of cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap should you go for?

The top 10 cryptos?

Just Ethereum? Or perhaps one of the Ethereum-killers?

Well here are our 3 favorite altcoins right now. This list made purely out my own likes and dislikes. Nothing more, nothing less. I am not promising you any gains, or losses with these cryptocurrencies. But it might open your eyes to some new interesting cryptos that you hadn’t thought much about before.

My top 3 altcoins list

1 ) Ethereum (ETH)

Ok you thought that maybe Ethereum and ETH wouldn’t be on this list after all? Well suprise you there didn’t I?

Of course Ethereum will be on this list. It’s like investing in Bitcoin Cash because you think it has a brighter future than Bitcoin. That doesn’t make any sense.

Ethereum needs to be on any list with its crypto Ether.


So Ethereum like many others I should say is working hard to produce value, grow as a startup blockchain and take on the real challenges in life of becoming a true powerhouse.

It has a clear vision with an appreciated leadership.

And much like Bitcoin, Ethereum stands for something. It doesn’t only have exciting technology, but it is also as much of a movement as Bitcoin is.

We will see how it goes when Ethereum 2.0 is released.

This 2.0 release will mark a significant moment in the life of Ethereum, but also the entire blockchain space. The 2.0 release will include the move from PoW to PoS (Proof of Stake). And unlock staking for anyone holding 32 ETHs.

It will mean a new shinier Ethereum blockchain that can handle much higher transaction volumes. It is said to happens sometime in the summer, and then go on for one to two years until completely finished. 

2 ) VeChain (VET)

Second on my list is my long-term favourite of VeChain. And it is a similar blockchain like Ethereum but it kinda is its opposite in some ways.

I see it as these guys VET and ETH are brothers, but one brother went on some political course to the left and the other went to the right to mix with the business crowd.

VeChain is built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. But with significant changes and modifications to fit its audiences and selling points.

Where true decentralisation is at the heart and soul of Ethereum, business-fit and street smartness is what shines through with VeChain.

When businesses were still trying to understand how cryptocurrency transactions worked and how to build successful business cases on blockchain technology VeChain realised this and built a lot of smart features to simplify the onboarding of enterprises and new use cases.

Toolchain, Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP) and Multi-task Transaction (MTT) all form part of the business-DNA of VeChain. And important tools that will unlock the potential of blockchain technology and enable businsses with ease to onboard to VeChain.

I believe VeChain and VET will lead the way of the 3rd gen blockchains, if you do too learn more where to buy VET here.

3 ) Brave (BAT)

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Lastly is another project with real potential but also genuine use cases and those are live right now.

None of the fluff of the others, with the lure and hope of one day accomplishing something. But Brave and BAT is live and kicking right now. And it is working like a charm.

The founder of javascript and Mozilla Brendan Eich went on to create Brave.

A series of technologies and products fit for a new more decentralised future. Although not perfect, not truly decentralised at this point in time Brave is hoping to head there.

I like others are aware of current issues that the cryptocurrency community is focusing on with Brave and the Uphold KYC processes. But Brave like VeChain have realised they need to tweak some things, in the beginning to be able to grow in the future.

So what does Brave do?

It is a series of products for advertisers, publishers, content creators and normal browsers of the web. Where we can get more power back as users. We can get paid more for the content we create. Or we can get paid for the ads we see.

And at the same time the advertisers can still get what they want and not pay more than they do today.

Learn more about Brave here. And I bet it will pique your interest.

If you want to buy any of these cryptos, ETH, VET or BAT I’d check out Go CryptoMarket to compare prices for them.

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