5 Unusual & Interesting Online Investment Opportunities

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The great thing about the internet is that we can find new and unheard-of ways of doing things. In the past, such opportunities never existed. Many weird investments are most likely scams, such as a company that claimed to have found sunken pirate ships full of treasure.

Part-Ownership of Property

One investment opportunity that never disappoints has always been bricks and mortar. Unless you buy an unusable property, or you pay way over the odds, then it is not often that you lose money on a property. But you may be asking how this is an unusual investment. There is an inventive new way to invest in property that doesn’t require finance or mortgage commitments. Anyone can invest small sums in property by lending via a peer-to-peer program such as Crowd Property. A modest budget is no barrier to investing in property too.

New Currencies

Currency has always been a legitimate area of investment. The concept is simple you convert your Pounds, Euros, Dollars, etc. to other national currencies, and if you can predict the rise and fall of their values, then you profit. There is a whole new range of digital currencies that have emerged over the last decade or so. These are cryptocurrencies, the first being Bitcoin, with new ones appearing all the time. The reason they are called cryptocurrencies is due to the new method of encryption that makes transactions highly secure, and secretive. You can trade and exchange ETH to BTC or any other digital currency. The tricky part is the fluctuations in value, as many of these currencies’ values will rise and fall in a short space of time, opening up the possibility of dramatic gains and losses.

Precious Metals

Much like the idea we discussed where you part-own a property, the same can be done with gold. The interesting fact about this is how they do it. There is a cryptocurrency called KarrotGold, backed by gold in the form of “CashGold notes” which are used in their online store. The theory is that you own small micro-quantities of gold without ever physically seeing it. The risk attached to an online investment like this is there is no way of verifying if the gold ever existed.

Exciting Start-Ups

If the internet has brought us one thing, it is the opportunity of accessing different cultures. Investment opportunities will come alongside this. The fact that science and technology are moving forward all the time, means human innovation will open a world of possibilities. If a person in Kenya came up with an idea for a solar-powered device that helped rural farmers irrigate crops, they could seek investment from all over the world. We as investors can seek out new and exciting companies in all industry sectors. Allowing great opportunities, giving the prospect of using our money to better causes that are important to us.

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