æternity Blockchain Launches First Peer-to-Peer Decentralized Social Sharing Platform

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Superhero empowers creators to monetize content or fund causes without transaction fees or third-party data sharing

VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN — Today is the official launch of the Superhero.com peer-to-peer social sharing project for tips, patronage and sponsoring, developed on the æternity blockchain. Superhero enables users to gain exposure to their content and to receive tokens without sharing personal data with third parties or charging users for accessing and hosting any content on the Superhero project. Anyone can become a “Superhero” and support other people. The Superhero platform empowers people from every industry to support others without intermediaries through the Superhero decentralized application powered by æternity blockchain – a next generation, open-source, permissionless blockchain. The application allows supporters to send value as a reward for quality content contributions.

Content creators — from artists, developers and educators to medical groups, environmentalists and non-profits, all can join Superhero to share content and earn rewards through tips, donations, and crowdfunding from supporters. Users can receive tips directly from supporters while supporters can send tips directly to their favorite creators, causes and/or projects–– all without third-party data sharing or costly transaction fees. Currently, a fee less then one percent from each transaction is distributed to a miner (community member who mined the cryptocurrency). However, there is no other fee, no wait-time for transfers, no one collecting or selling user data and no third-party control or IP ownership.

“Now more than ever, we believe in the mission of empowering people to support other people,” said Yanislav Malahov, Founder of æternity. “Content monetization has historically been a tug-of-war between third party advertisers, data thieves, host platforms and lastly the creators themselves. Superhero is putting the control back in the hands of the people, making it easier than ever to support creators from every industry. Furthermore, via timestamping each tip, URL and website on æternity blockchain we created the potential to integrate the full public web into æternity blockchain via its oracles and a reputation network of authenticated users and transactions.”

Users simply install the free Superhero wallet as a browser extension (currently available for Chrome, Brave, Opera and Firefox) to receive or send tips to most url addresses they would like to support. Superhero also features an easy-to-install widget that can be directly embedded into the website. Users buy a €5, €10, or €15 euro voucher of AE with paypal or bitpay or do a JellySwap (peer-to-peer trades across different blockchains), exchanging BTC, ETH, DAi, USDC, or WBTC to AE with no further need for KYC. Also a pure web wallet is available and developers are invited to contribute to the code on Github. For those who prefer mobile applications, the Superhero wallet is also available in the Google Play and App Store. Tip recipients can also add their wallet address to their public site and instantly collect funds. Each user manages the private keys to their own wallet and can withdraw tips through any exchange that supports AE tokens.

Superhero is a non-profit social impact project powered by aeternity blockchain. There is no cost to join and Superhero earns no commission on tips.

For more information on Superhero and to create a wallet, please visit https://superhero.com/.

For more information on æternity blockchain, visit ​https://aeternity.com/.​

About æternity      

æ​ternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional. Unlike other blockchain platforms, the ​æt​ernity protocol itself incorporates several essential technological features, including a recently upgraded virtual machine, off-chain scaling solution – state channels, on-chain governance mechanism, and naming system. ​æ​ternity also features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamlines smart contract development. For more information, please visit ​https://aeternity.com/​.

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