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Akari Pay offers easy BCH donations and payment options to websites

kari Global, an initiative set up to support bitcoin cash (BCH) and champion its adoption on a global scale, has released a new software version that incorporates the currency and facilitates BCH donations and payments on websites.

A World of Possibilities

Website owners will now enjoy the convenience of linking directly to a BCH donations or payment page without having to pay any fees. The app is accessible on tablets, laptops and smartphones among others.

Once a user uploads their page to the specified web host and follows the instructions stipulated, they can then paste the link on any social networking media or other platform including Twitter, Reddit, DeviantArt, Facebook, BlockPress, or Memo.Cash etc.

The Akari team enthusiastically announces, “It’s your link to your website address.”

For organizations or companies that are looking to increase their BCH donations, all that is needed is to upload the .html link file to your host or server and create a button link directing users.

Thanks to BitBoxEarth, it is also possible to show the public the total of funds received in the account as donations, facilitating transparency, a crucial feature for donors.

The release was hailed by many as a long-anticipated solution set to improve operations.

A speculator under the name Derian wrote:

“Great idea AKARI but what I like the most is that it works with BCH absolutely wonderful great work and all the blessings for you.”

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