Amazon announces Manifold serverless blockchain partnership

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Manifold Technology, a leader in highly scalable blockchain infrastructure, has expanded its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is now available on the AWS Marketplace in limited release. Manifold on AWS delivers blockchain benefits with DevOps simplicity in just a few clicks.

The new Manifold offering enables AWS customers to deploy their own blockchain infrastructure more quickly, easily, and at lower operational cost than ever before. Manifold’s third-generation serverless platform delivers a distributed ledger capability with blockchain auditability and the ability to detect possible tampering. This allows enterprises and application developers to easily prototype and deploy blockchain-based applications, providing the foundation for a seamless transition into production using the DevOps model.

Deploying blockchain-based applications on monolithic infrastructures can be prohibitively complex and expensive. Moving those same applications onto Manifold’s serverless infrastructure drives down deployment complexity and operating costs, facilitating transition into production. Manifold’s infrastructure provides unmatched performance for use cases that demand extremely high transaction throughput, and its serverless architecture enhances security by simplifying integration and reducing the overall attack surface. Switching to serverless infrastructure is a win-win for companies looking to build and deploy blockchain-based applications without the limitations inherent in other approaches.

“We’ve worked with dozens of enterprises to improve their applications with the auditability and tamper-evidencing benefits of a blockchain, giving them a trusted platform that reduces transaction silos, reconciliation overhead and settlement time,” said Chris Finan, Co-founder and CEO of Manifold. “We saw an opportunity to embed our capability within AWS to provide a more seamless, scalable and cost-effective means of delivering those blockchain attributes. We’re excited to be partnering with AWS to bring our infrastructure capability to their customers.”

AWS rolled out the Manifold offering late last week in limited release. Interested parties can contact Manifold for early access to the product.

Find out more information about Manifold’s collaboration with AWS on the AWS Marketplace. And for access to the limited release, email [email protected] or visit

About Manifold
Founded in 2014, Manifold Technology is a Silicon Valley based company focused on building next generation blockchain solutions to help enterprises solve real world business problems.

Media Contact
Mary McVeigh, Manifold Technology, Inc.
[email protected]

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