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Ever since its advent, ICOs  have been popularly trending among the cryptosphere and is one of the most trending fundraising methods preferred by entrepreneurs for their startups. ICO- Initial Coin Offering, acts as a source of capital for startups, where investors are issued tokens/coins that they sell to gather funds for their business. ICOs are unregulated, hence are more quick and efficient which makes investors prefer it more, over STOs and other tokens. ICOs involve several benefits for investors. Let’s see what they are.

What do you benefit from ICOs?  

  • A major problem involved with the traditional business investments is the lack of liquidity. ICOs come with high-volume liquidity, which enables an efficient business process and quick conversion of cash.
  • ICOs are completely decentralized and are available to everyone for various cryptocurrencies.
  • ICOs enable involvement from a large number of investors which reduces risk values and paves way for million dollar businesses.
  • ICOs provide openness to the public which opens up possibilities for anyone to invest in anytime from anywhere around the world.
  • ICOs can be purchased at reduced costs which opens up a way for small-time investors.

These are the major advantages involved with ICOs and why you should prefer them over other tokens. Now, if you want to create your own ICO tokens, you must plan a thorough structure and follow certain essentials before going through the development process. This is important because the  rise in the number of ICO developments is rapidly booming everyday all around the globe and the demand seems to be never ending. Thus, to make your ICO development authentic, follow these steps:

  • Conduct ample research on requirements for your ICO, current market needs and plan a structure.
  • Be clear about your targeted audience/ potential investors.
  • Deeply analysis the existing ICOs and their services so you can provide unique solutions from them to attract your customer towards your project.
  • Talk to experts regarding legal advice, and professional technical assistance.

Most importantly, consider coordinating with a well founded, reliable ICO development company. Gathering all the requirements and developing your ICO from the ground up, will consume a lot of time, money and as mentioned earlier, requires qualified technical assistance. To get your ICO up to speed and hit the market, while the demand is very much on, this is the best option. Now let’s see what are all the essential ICO development services you will attain from such companies.

Top ICO development services:

  • A legitimate/ Creative whitepaper.
  • ICO tokens/Coins creation.
  • Secure wallet development.
  • ICO landing page/ design.
  • ICO investor dashboard.
  • Coin Drop.
  • Multiple payment gateway integration.
  • Blockchain and smart contracts integration.
  • ICO marketing structure.
  • ICO coin price pumping.
  • ICO listing services.


One of the top token development companies in the current market with massive knowledge and experience to offer you the most effective and robust ICO services is Blockchain App Factory. They cover everything about your ICO from development, marketing, pre and post launch services, and deployment. Their ICOs are programmable, scalable and can be customized based on your preferences. Also, their services are quick and cost-friendly. So, get in touch with them, get your ICOs developed and potentially earn profits in millions.

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