AppDupe, an NFT marketplace development Company enters the sports collectibles industry

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The sports calendar is currently packed with the NBA 2K League Regular Season and the Tokyo Olympics. Basketball and football fans are watching the matches round the clock to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. Likewise, AppDupe, a reputed NFT marketplace development company offers sports-themed platforms. We offer white-label clone solutions of NBA Top Shot and Sorare. Investors can directly purchase valuable crypto collectibles of the game-changing moments, preferred players, and teams.   

Some must-know stats about the NBA Top Shot and Sorare platforms  

  • NBA Top Shot and Sorare NFT marketplaces have a monthly trading volume of $12.52 million and $2.37 million as per DAppRadar.
  • The NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace has sold a whopping 76,39,641 digital collectibles so far worth a value of $638.13 million. Similarly, football fanatics have purchased 501,590 crypto collectibles valued at $97.50 million from the Sorare NFT marketplace.
  • NBA Top Shot has received a huge trading volume of $398,430 in the past 7 days. Basketball NFT enthusiasts processed a mind-boggling 250,650 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions on the online marketplace.
  • Sorare has witnessed a trading volume of $6.02 million in the last 1 month. Investors have executed 39,700 P2P transactions to buy football-themed NFTs.


What is the speciality of our NBA Top Shot NFT Marketplace platform?

Hardcore basketball fans can easily purchase licensed digital collectibles. We initiate NFT marketplace platform development like NBA Top Shot on the robust Flow blockchain network. 

Our NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace allows sports fans to buy collections, packs and win exciting rewards. They can choose their most-admired NBA teams and players. Fans can access photos, statistics, and videos related to basketball.  

Buyers process transactions through Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), credit cards, debit cards, Ethereum, Mastercard, Visa, and USD Coin (USDC).

Our NBA Top Shot clone marketplace shares real-time information about moments from play-offs and new airdrops. We share details like the availability, image, name of the unique NFT, and price for three packs (Featured, Previous, and Starter). Investors can store their precious NFTs in the integrated Dapper Wallet.

What are the unique aspects of our Sorare NFT Marketplace platform? 

Our knowledgeable blockchain geeks will initiate Sorare NFT marketplace platform development on the Ethereum blockchain network. Diehard football fans can purchase trading cards of popular players from more than 140 clubs.

Buyers can own 3 types of limited-edition digital cards (Rare, Super Rare, and Unique) every season. Besides that, sports fans can do scouting (by trading NFTs with other users on the online marketplace).

Further, users can build a well-balanced squad to take part in competitions and tournaments. We allow players to choose their formations and line-ups.

Football fanatics will accumulate a lot of points if their favourite players perform well in a real-life match. Importantly, we share real-time updates about bonus points, scores, and other graphics. 

Additionally, we distribute weekly prizes and rewards to the winners of contests. They receive Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency and football-based crypto collectibles directly to their digital wallet.

These particular fans will improve their division and ranking by defeating other managers of football teams. Later, users can share their achievements by sharing it on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Contact AppDupe’s team now for utilizing our expertise in NFT marketplace development We will help you to capture the hearts of both basketball and football fans across the world. Additionally, we assist entrepreneurs to boost their revenue and trading volume in no time.

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