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Babar Mahmood

Babar Mahmood

Babar is Cyber Security Consultant at Tripwire, serving clients globally through his company. Babar has more than 15 years of experience in different Information Security domains, especially in risk management, compliance, auditing and privacy. He has a M.Sc. in Information Security as well as CISSP, CISA, CISM, and other security and professional certifications. Babar’s primary focus is on management and technology issues in industry focusing on risk and security. Babar is a writer, speaker, and enjoys spending his time educating people on different aspects of security.

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Babar Mahmood

Deploying Blockchain and Smart Contract based Solutions

As discussed before, the blockchain-based solution is built to provide strong integrity and independent verifiability. An exception to the independent verifiability is private blockchain solutions. In




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