Bitcoin Hits 2019 Price Record of almost $11500

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Bitcoin hit a new 2019 record price Tuesday. The virtual currency reached $11464, the highest since March 2018.

After paring its gains slightly, Bitcoin is trading at $11232 as of this writing.

Bitcoin has been on a strong recovery path from its 2018 lows in recent months.

Last week it made significant gains, crossing the $10000 and $11000 thresholds within 24 hours. It reached a 15-month high of $11135 last Saturday.

Bitcoin market is experiencing the strongest buy-activities in recent months. During the last seven days, the cryptocurrency climbed by nearly 24 percent, or $2168. And it is more than 40 percent, or $3263 higher from where it was valued 30 days ago.

In the last 24 hours alone BTC gained 4.34 percent, or, $464.

Year-to-date, Bitcoin is 200 percent stronger.

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