Bitdeal Initiates Blockchain Dapp Development for Various Industry Verticals

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Bitdeal , the highly recognized dapp development company is glad to announce our service of providing the development of decentralized applications for more than 20+ industries.

We, Bitdeal the trailblazer of the adaptation of blockchain technology for the enhancement of various industries have happy clients across the borders.

With more than 150+ professional blockchain developers with more than 6+ years in the development and deployment of blockchain-based applications, we serve various industry verticals across the globe.

Our Blockchain Dapp Development Services includes:

  1. Dapp Development Services
  2. Smart Contract Development
  3. Custom/ Private Blockchain Development
  4. Token Development
  5. DeFi Dapp Development and so on.

Our developers are experts in developing dapps on any kind of blockchain network. Our Blockchain Expertise involves the following:

  1. Ethereum
  2. EOS
  3. TRON
  4. Steller
  5. Minter
  6. Hyper ledger
  7. Aeternity and more.

Dapps are the easiest way to make business reach a high customer base and to increase brand visibility and reputation. Understanding this core benefits of dapps, we Bitdeal offers blockchain dapp development solutions for the following industries:

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange
  2. Finance
  3. Banking
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Gaming
  6. Identity Management
  7. Ecommerce
  8. Healthcare
  9. Education
  10. IT Sectors.

On this special occasion, we are delighted to share our participation in India Dapp Fest 2019 in  Bangalore organized by Blockchained India  & Blocumen Studios. We utilized this golden opportunity to find perfect investors and clients from different parts of India and also the globe.

Our Motto is to enlighten, design, and transform this digital economy with the effective utilization of Blockchain Technology.

Whatsapp: +91 9677555651

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