Bitdeal Introduces DeFi Development Services To Bring Innovation In Fintech Industry!

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By understanding the significance of DeFi, Bitdeal has initiated to offer DeFi related services to many business verticals to bring a greater revolution in the Fintech industry.

We Bitdeal – A profound Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Development Company will always have keen monitoring about each move of the cryptocurrency market and take initiative steps to include the new trends and innovations in our services to make our clients satisfied. We never pronounced “NO” to the implementation of new technologies in our business. Thus, with the deep research about the current and future growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), we started providing DeFi Development Services for all industry verticals mainly for lending and borrowing.

We are glad to explain some of our DeFi Development Services here, through which you can gain little knowledge about the DeFi Solutions we provide for various businesses.

DeFi Dapp Development

Dapps are decentralized applications built on a blockchain network. DeFi dapps are DeFi applications on a decentralized platform which provides higher transparency, trust and benefits over the open financial system. We Bitdeal develop DeFi dapps which are reliable and unhackable to carry out your business financial processes.

DeFi Smart Contracts

As smart contracts are digital protocols on a decentralized network which process the predefined functions automatically without the involvement of third parties. DeFi smart contracts can be used to simplify the process of financial lending within seconds without the involvement of third parties. We offer DeFi Smart Contracts development services with auditing services to eliminate vulnerabilities.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing Platforms

We develop lending and borrowing platforms with DeFi protocols to eliminate fraudulence and to reduce time. In DeFi lending and borrowing platforms developed by Bitdeal, users can deposit and lock their funds/assets which can be borrowed by other users by paying interest.

DeFi DEX Development

We develop and deploy Decentralized exchange platforms with DeFi smart contracts which eliminates the involvement of middlemen and makes the instant P2P transactions automatically. Our DeFi based DEX platform has complete control over the platform’s user data, and privacy.

DeFi Development for Assets Management

We Bitdeal provides DeFi development services to manage your assets to prevent hacking and to completely enjoy the ownership of any crypto or real world assets. We also support tokenization and synthetic assets management.

We also extend our DeFi Development Services for the following:

  • DeFi For Insurance
  • DeFi For Stablecoins
  • DeFi For Margin Trading
  • DeFi For Staking
  • DeFi For Identity Management
  • DeFi For Gaming
  • DeFi For Decentralized Prediction Markets and so on.


Our Blockchain Experts are having constant R & D about the DeFi markets and making one step further in bringing a decentralized finance economy which is more fast and secure than traditional financial industry!

Join hands with Bitdeal to walk on the path of decentralized finance to make revolutions in the Fintech Industry.

Get to know more about our DeFi solutions at Bitdeal:

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