Bithumb Global Now Officially Out Of Beta: 1.0 Version Launched With Full Upgrades

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Bithumb Global, the leading digital asset exchange for communities around the world, now officially marks its status from beta to 1.0 with the launch of their massively revamped exchange interface for both website and app users. The new full upgrade will be launched on September 22, 2019, to the delight of the BG community.

As the strategic global platform of Korea’s most popular digital asset exchange, Bithumb,  Bithumb Global is positioned to become the world’s number one digital asset exchange for the crypto asset financial market. Javier Sim, Managing Director of Bithumb Global, has stated, “Bithumb Global aims to bring together and unite all the crypto communities with a fair and transparent platform. Unity is the key here.”

With a successful beta launch earlier this year earning more than one million users signups, Bithumb Global has become one of the leading crypto exchanges due to their safe, professional, efficient, convenient and reliable services. Working with the communities of traders and token holders on the platform, Bithumb Global has committed to acting on the feedback and suggestions that they have received. As a result, users can expect new improvements in the following areas:

  • Improved Intuitive Site UX 
  • Graphical Updates
  • Boosted Transaction Speed
  • Simplified Wallet Management
  • BG Staking Feature Maximized
  • New Fiat to Crypto On-Ramps
  • Additional Language Support
  • C2C Trading Improvements

The new site includes tweaks on all areas for improved user experience. Users will notice a change with the site layout that prioritizes the most important information. New ticker boxes will highlight the top traded tokens giving traders quick access and making faster decisions which could impact a portfolio’s performance. The black color scheme has also been flipped to white increasing readability. Site navigation has been improved with embedded tabs for easy access and decreased clutter. 

The web version also introduces the new “Simplified” trading interface for the Spot Trading function. Users who are used to the “Advanced” trading function will still be able to access. The “simplified version” allows a streamlined user experience for traders looking to perform a quick trade or beginning users. In addition, the wallet account has been optimized by doing away with the redundant dual wallet system. Users can simply deposit and trade using one single wallet saving tons of time and preventing missed trades. Transferring assets between the Wallet account and Spot trading are no longer needed, an annoyance that has plagued many traders. 

Mobile users of the Bithumb Global App will also see new features. For example, the BG Staking feature can now be found which makes staking tokens easier than ever. Receiving staking rewards as a mobile user now is a breeze. 

To further increase adoption to the platform, new fiat to crypto on-ramps are now being rolled out. Users around the globe can now purchase digital assets with credit cards. The convenience of using a credit card also includes additional time savings with instant crypto to wallet transfers and low fees. This feature is available on both Bithumb Global website and app. 

Bithumb Global is also expanding language support to give the community a native experience beginning with Japanese. Traders around the globe who prefer the Japanese language will now have the ability to trade in their language of choice. Bithumb Global also continues supporting English, Chinese and Korean. 

Bithumb Global will always provide users with a convenient and comprehensive digital asset exchange platform and improve based on community needs.

For those interested in joining the BG Community, please visit Bithumb Global’s Social Channels:


Steve Ip
MagicFew, for Bithumb Global
[email protected]

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