Bitzon: A Revolutionary Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers

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Bitzon is the first marketplace powered by blockchain which brings together numerous buyers and sellers to exchange products and services under one roof. It provides the most valuable trading deals to invest in e-commerce and make a profitable investment for future reference.

The platform is developed to help buyers and sellers get the most valuable assets out of the e-commerce era by using the most reliable technologies which are available in the market.

It provides 24 hours service on all days of the week for both the sellers and the buyers.

Why do sellers need Bitzon?

  • Bitzon offers a set of simple, inexpensive, and practical tools with a clear interface and a loyal base of the customers, all of which makes the products of sellers available internationally.
  • It provides the sellers a chance to enter the international market for consumables.
  • Bitzon offers the sellers a platform on which they can pay monthly, and provides them a chance to list their products including both goods and services on the platform.
  • While registering they can use any of the available currencies, tokens, coins, and credit and are not bound to apply the Bitzon coin or tokens. They will receive compensation in the type of currency they want, and do not have to worry about being paid in an unlikely currency.
  • Also, the sellers and the vendors on the Bitzon platform get an incentive if they use the Bitzon coins and tokens instead of others. The sellers can benefit by paying only half of the subscription fees which is required by the sellers on a monthly basis to the Bitzon platform, and they can also help by not paying any fees for exchange.
  • The future of small firms with limited production may change to large-scale output as the platform brings large volume orders and margins.
  • This platform allows companies to solve the problem of secondary activities related to product promotion and focus on the primary objective, namely the effective increase of the production volume and the reduction of the expenses due to the increasing quantity.

Why do buyers need Bitzon?

  • Buyers can buy whatever they need from anywhere in the world, and the platform will host millions of unique, bespoke items created by small-scale manufacturers that the buyers will not be able to buy in a massive online store.
  • Buyers can choose between numerous currencies, tokens and credits. They are not bound to use only the Bitzon credit, token, coins or currency. However, the company offers an amount of incentive or a special discount to the buyers as well who choose the Bitzon credit and token or coins. The offered discount is that of 10 % on all the purchases the buyer makes after the first one made by Bitzon coins and tokens.
  • It offers a simple, easy to use and extensive catalog of items sold in the platform’s stores with filters and refined categories, allowing you to find what you want to buy quickly.
  • Bitzon is not just another catchy name: It assumes the responsibility of providing high-quality service and guarantee that the seller will send the buyer the exact item as described in the description of the product.

Bitzon is a new cryptocurrency system designed to offer buyers and sellers the distinct benefits of blockchain technology and its digital framework. The platform is developed to help buyers and sellers get the most value!

Contact Details:

Name: Guyverson Jr Vernous
Company: Bitzon
Email: [email protected]
Address: 860 Main St, Moncton, NB E1C 1G2
Contact number: 5063781525
Country: Canada

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