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Andrew Newton

Blockchain Tycoon Game heading to Steam Early Access this August

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Indie developer Wamill Software has announced that their cryptocurrency simulation/tycoon game Blockchain Tycoon will be released on Steam Early Access on the 9th August.  In this tycoon sim there’s money to be made…. cryptocurrency in fact, so get ready to start your business small and make it big.

Blockchain Tycoon has been designed to be as realistic as possible with profits, electricity usage and competition reflecting what they would be in real life.  Aspiring tycoons will need to build their own crypto mining warehouses around the world and ensure staffing of researchers and miners are enough to keep the bank manager happy.  Warehouses will be able to be expanded by purchasing more rooms while experts can be hired to research new features and upgrade the hardware.

Other features include:

  • Realistic mining simulation where Hash rate and earned coin calculations are similar to real world.
  • Other companies are also mining coins and earning coins gets harder as the competition becomes fierce.
  • Detailed market cap and mining statistics of the world to see.
  • Warehouse environment effects electricity prices and cooling.
  • Pay the electricity bills for your usage.
  • Coin prices change everyday. Watch for the changes to make the highest profit.
  • Take loans to expand your business.

Blockchain Tycoon will be available on Steam Early Access on the 9th August.

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One Response

  1. Avatar
    Zahir Reply

    Games are for little men… big boys want the real think, you cannot earn real money with games, but if you are new to the concept of blockchain and mining, well… I guess it serves the purpose for training.
    I will check it just for fun.
    Thanks for sharing

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