BLOCKDRAW using the benefits of Blockchain to make online gambling as safe as Las Vegas

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BLOCKDRAW the world’s most advanced distributed blockchain gambling platform, created by industry regulators and insiders, announces the preparation stage for an early pre-ICO sale.  

The global estimated value of the online gaming activity for 2018 is at least $100Bln. The reality is despite regulation many online casinos still don’t provide players with the safety they deserve. Players continue to meet fake branded games, RNG manipulation, and loss of funds.  Even the best regulation has limited ability to monitor online casinos’ day to day activities and relies too much on probity checks, meaning that left alone online casinos or rouge employees can potentially manipulate results.

When you play at a Casino in Las Vegas, you are surer that the casino is fairly regulated and secure with its certified machines, advanced security and an established mechanism for player payments.  Players deserve to have the same protection while playing online.

BLOCKDRAW is a game-changer.   We believe that we are the only pure blockchain solution that can provide the safety and security that regulators, businesses, and players demand with the same experience as server-based games.

The BLOCKDRAW project is the dream of former regulators, technical experts and industry insiders, made for players, developers and government bodies who demand a safe, compliant and open gambling platform.  

“I started BLOCKDRAW because I wanted to use the blockchain to solve all the issues the regulators, players and businesses had; and, to take full advantage of that the blockchain affords.  I wanted to use the blockchain to solve the many problems we saw as regulators in online gambling. Because I realized that the blockchain offered the potential to actually solve these problems and that the current blockchain solutions so far introduced to the market didn’t understand the regulatory and business aspects they needed addressing. Moreover, we knew it was important to keep the player experience the same as with traditional server-based games. We believe ours is the only solution that allows you to have a scalable high-speed gambling platform that looks and feels just like traditional online gambling platforms but has all the advantages that the blockchain offers” — says Darin Oliver, Founder and President of BLOCKDRAW

Our goal, for the BLOCKDRAW Platform is to see it evolve into a space where real-money games and competitive gamers can put their money where their mouth, knowing it is safe, secure and a regulated platform.

Our technology is:

  • Compliant:  Designed by former gambling regulators, BLOCKDRAWdesign meets the most stringent regulatory standards.   
  • Safe: Players manage their own accounts on the Ethereum blockchain.  Funds are only escrowed during play to ensure winnings are paid. 
  • Decentralized:BLOCKDRAW uses the Golle Algorithm, a method for trustless peer-to-peer gaming.  Each player can individually guarantee and verify all outcomes are fair. 
  • Secure:BLOCKDRAW is built upon the LEAP Protocol, a protected version of Ethereum created with privacy, confidentiality, and access control as basic features. 
  • Performant:Modified Hyperledger components are orders of magnitude more efficient than existing blockchains, making real-time responsive gaming possible. 
  • Extensible:Our SDKs and APIs make rapid development easy, allowing programmers to create or retrofit their games and apps using our technologies.

BLOCKDRAW will be launching its first proof of concept app soon.

Call for partnership’s 

BLOCKDRAW team is willing to co-operate with games developers to improve and adjust its environment for the better place for gaming and gambling experience and encourage all players and industry entities to join the discussion in our social media and privately.  

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