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bloXroute Labs, a technology start-up that built a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) to enable blockchains to scale, announced today the release of their expanded toolset designed to allow Ethereum DeFi traders to hear about and send transactions and blocks fast. As in traditional finance, speed can make trading strategies more profitable and unlock new profit opportunities. The tool suite includes a Cloud-API, Gateway-API, Transaction Stream, and an upgraded BDN.

The BDN allows DeFi traders to send and receive transactions and blocks fast through an optimized blockchain network infrastructure.

  • Sending transactions fast means DeFi traders are more likely to win “race scenarios” like liquidating CDPs, capture arbitrage opportunities, and increase their chances of being mined in the next block and beating fee congestion.
  • Hearing of transactions and blocks fast means that DeFi traders are always among the first to know the latest state of the blockchain, allowing them to quickly identify new liquidation or arbitrage opportunities. DeFi traders can also gleen trading signals from pending transactions, manage risk market making more efficiently, and be among the first to spot rising fee congestion.


Users can connect to the BDN through the bloXroute Gateway-API (requires a node) or Cloud-API. Users can subscribe to the Transaction Stream (Tx Stream), which allows DeFi traders to hear of transactions fast by subscribing to new pending transactions in the Ethereum network, via the new bloXroute Cloud-API or Gateway-API.

Since the company’s inception in February 2018, the team has built the fastest blockchain networking infrastructure (BDN) to allow miners to build larger blocks without those blocks propagating slower. The network is now connected to the largest Ethereum miners representing over half of the hashrate. bloXroute is excited to bring its fast network highway to DeFi traders.

Eyal Markovich, Co-Founder and COO, further explains: “After feedback from users we realized that the BDN was very attractive to traders looking to get a leg up. We are pleased to share these new tools with the Ethereum DeFi community and look forward to seeing the creative ways DeFi traders use them.”

About bloXroute:

  • bloXroute is backed by leading venture capitalists (e.g. MetaStable, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, ZhenFund, 1 Confirmation, Fenbushi, etc) and founded by networking experts from Northwestern University.
  • bloXroute built the network infrastructure to scale Web 3.0 by propagating transactions and blocks extremely fast at the networking layer, or Layer-0.
  • To achieve this advanced scalability, the BDN uses advanced networking techniques such as internal caching, cut-through routing, dynamic route selection, and optimized topology.
  • The network requires no protocol changes or compromises to security or decentralization.
  • The BDN operates underneath the blockchain at Layer 0, so it is compatible with Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions and PoS, PoW, and hybrid frameworks.
  • More info can be found by visiting or on the bloXroute Medium page.

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