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Daniel Larimer

EOS: The “Intent of Code” is Law

The EOS community has embarked on a grand experiment to see if it can combine the best aspects of crypto-contracts, human contracts, and human dispute

Medium Picks

Thumb Sucking Anti-Bitcoiners!

  It was inevitable that as “normies” enter Bitcoin they would bring their baggage with them. Expecting them to not arrive with any baggage would

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Daniel Goldman

The Verge Hack, Explained

Time Warps, Mining Exploits, Denial of Service, and More! Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are keen on telling ordinary civilians how safe and secure the Blockchain protocols powering

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Jimmy Song

Why Blockchain is Hard

The hype around blockchain is massive. To hear the blockchain hype train tell it, blockchain will now: Solve income inequality Make all data secure forever

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Devin Soni

How to Make Passive Income from Crypto

When people think of making money from cryptocurrencies, they typically imagine someone manically day-trading or constantly buying into new ICOs. However, there are many other




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