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Within the past month, Catex Exchange has seen tremendous growth in all of its markets with Catex Token (CATT) leading the way. The cryptocurrency asset is up 200% since October and just in the last week the price has increased 120% according to CoinMarketCap. Why in such a sideways Bitcoin market has the price of CATT been outperforming almost all cryptocurrencies?

Catex Exchange has seen a record number of people join their exchange since peaking in adjusted volume around 1 Billion dollars per 24 hours. Since the beginning of November, an average of 20,000 unique visitors per day have been visiting the exchange. Catex has capitalized on this and have converted many hundred, if not thousands into registered users. 

Catex Exchange has many features that appeal to many cryptocurrency investors looking to make profits during this dull market. One of the features they highlight on the front page of their website is locking Catex Tokens to receive daily dividends. Catex Exchange is partially a transaction-mining exchange. The exchange gives away 90% of the transaction fees within the mining markets to the CATT investor. Dividend totals have been up over 100% since the beginning of October. Some of the top investors on Catex have earned over $120,000 worth of cryptocurrency since the launch of the exchange in August 2018. 

Investors have reported that they receive daily dividends in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Paxos and TrueUSD. Another popular feature on the exchange for Catex Token investors is that they have zero or reduced withdrawal fees depending on how many tokens you are holding. This is a perfect complimentary feature that goes well with collecting daily dividends since investors can attain more profits if they decide to cash out often.

Some newer features that Catex Exchange that has recently released are some applications that investors truly love. The first one is the buyback account. The buyback account is managed by the Catex team and the revenue received to this account is from multiple sources such as the Catex token used in community voting, CATT lost by investors in the dice game, and most importantly, 60% of direct listing fees from new IEO projects.

With the buyback account, the team uses the revenue to buyback Catex tokens from the market and then burn it from the circulating supply. The second feature they have recently launched is called, Premium Catex Investor. The top CATT token lockers on the exchange receive up to 18% interest annually. This is a feature that also compliments very well with those targeted users who want to receive passive income.

It seems that the team at Catex Exchange has found a pretty little niche that is working well for them. As many exchanges around the world have begun to close their doors because of tighter government regulations and stiffer competition, Catex is starting to become more popular for its consistent effort to provide excellent customer support and to develop more features for additional passive income streams for their users.

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