Chainstack Announces Partnership With Bloxroute Labs

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Singapore-headquartered Chainstack, a multi-cloud and multi-protocol managed blockchain services provider, has announced a partnership with bloXroute, a leading Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) that utilizes a global network of servers optimized for network performance.

Chainstack will make the bloXroute Gateway available on all of its Ethereum mainnet nodes. Paired with Chainstack’s patent-pending Bolt technology, which allows for fast access to large datasets stored on the blockchain nodes, bloXroute software will enable platform users to have access to improved speed and performance for their decentralized applications, as well as to greatly reduce computational costs.

Eugene Aseev, CTO, Chainstack, said: “We have been following bloXroute closely, and we believe that it perfectly complements our Ethereum node offering. bloXroute Gateway is a great tool to enhance block and transaction propagation, and thanks to this partnership, Chainstack customers will have access to the fastest gateway to decentralised infrastructure in the market.”

Eyal Markovich, bloXroute Labs Co-Founder and COO, adds: “We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Chainstack to further develop a robust Web 3.0 infrastructure. Chainstack’s focus on simplifying launching and scaling decentralized networks and applications, paired with bloXroute’s focus on simplifying and optimizing blockchain networking and scalability, merge to a common goal: drive blockchain adoption with smarter and faster infrastructure. Deploying the BDN on Chainstack’s Ethereum nodes is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to working closely with Chainstack to grow their community through joint marketing programs and developing new offerings on a continuous basis.”


About Chainstack

Managed blockchain services making it simple to launch and scale decentralized networks and applications—complete with an intuitive user interface, seamless orchestration, and predictable pricing.

We offer enterprise-grade tools and services that empower developers, solution providers, and consortia to safely experiment and run in production.

By building on Chainstack, you reduce the time, cost, and risk involved with leveraging decentralized technologies. With a secure API, membership management, and flexible deployment options, you can immediately accelerate and future-proof your development of transformative solutions.

About bloXroute

  • bloXroute is backed by leading venture capitalists (e.g. MetaStable, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, ZhenFund, 1 Confirmation, Fenbushi, etc) and founded by networking experts from Northwestern University.
  • bloXroute built the network infrastructure to scale Web 3.0 by propagating transactions and blocks extremely fast at the networking layer, or Layer-0.
  • To achieve this advanced scalability, the BDN uses advanced networking techniques such as internal caching, cut-through routing, dynamic route selection, and optimized topology.
  • The network requires no protocol changes or compromises to security or decentralization.
  • The BDN operates underneath the blockchain at Layer 0, so it is compatible with Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions and PoS, PoW, and hybrid frameworks.
  • More info can be found by visiting or on the bloXroute Medium page.

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