Climate Futures to Launch Blockchain-Based System to Super-Charge $200+ Billion Climate Finance Markets

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1PLANET Marketplace will launch as a novel blockchain application designed to mitigate the climate change crisis during Earth Month.

Miami, FL – Climate Futures announces the upcoming launch of the 1PLANET Marketplace, a ready-to-use blockchain system and dapp (decentralized app) powered by the 1PLANET (1PL) token. 1PLANET enables individuals and businesses to take action against climate change by granting easy and transparent access to carbon markets.

Carbon markets are used to finance sustainability projects around the world and last year were estimated to be worth $214 billion, a 34% growth from 2018. Various programs over the past decade have created a global patchwork of carbon credit markets that are now looking to unify under the UN Paris Agreement that started in 2020, which could catalyze climate investments of $1 trillion a year by 2025. Carbon credits are a proven and globally recognized solution for pricing and reducing carbon emissions, but historically have been only traded and used by governments and large corporations.

In a real-world example of how to use blockchain technology for good, 1PLANET democratizes access to global carbon markets by tokenizing carbon credits, the digital eco-commodity that represents reductions in CO2 emissions. Demand for carbon reductions and carbon credits has been increasing as climate impacts have progressively worsened and populations are demanding swift action. 1PLANET users can support climate solutions through the platform by finding more sustainable businesses to shop from and having access to a more transparent and verifiable carbon offsetting service.

“Most people now understand that climate change is an existential threat. Despite this knowledge, most people are left with the question of ‘what can I really do about climate change?’ ” said Jesse Uzzell, CEO and Founder of Climate Futures, the organization behind 1PLANET. “It’s great that corporations like Amazon and Microsoft are now committing to reduce their carbon emissions, but what about the rest of us? How can people and smaller enterprises, which represent half the economy, take action and engage in the fight against the climate crisis when they don’t have the same resources available? We created the 1PLANET Marketplace to be the answer.”

Making it easy for people to offset their daily carbon emissions, 1PLANET allows anyone to choose from sustainable products with its blockchain-powered system. Additionally, 1PLANET offers solutions for businesses and larger institutions to reduce their carbon footprint as staggering percentages reveal that over 60% of Americans say they prefer to purchase from companies that have made public commitments to sustainability goals, while 72% say businesses are responsible for improving sustainable development outcomes. 1PLANET provides an easy-to-implement solution for businesses to meet consumer demands and preferences, and it is designed for retail e-commerce and real-time “transactional offsetting.”

Business partners can use the API to integrate the 1PLANET system into their e-commerce site or app to give their customers the option of reducing their carbon footprint associated with their purchase.

Some initial business partners include Ultra Music Festival, Peace Boat US, and Pildora:

  • Ultra Music Festival, one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, recently selected Climate Futures to develop Ultra’s pilot carbon offsetting program utilizing 1PLANET’s blockchain system.
  • Peace Boat, an international NGO that provides educational cruises around the world, partnered with Climate Futures to provide their customers and event partners a carbon offsetting service using 1PLANET. This is an excellent example of 1PLANET’s B2B2C capability through a custom dapp.
  • Pildora, a global retail marketplace for emerging designers committed to sustainable fashion, approached Climate Futures to create climate-friendly shipping options for their customers using 1PLANET.

“For our business partners, 1PLANET turns a perceived cost into a competitive advantage and financial benefit by enabling businesses to offer more climate-friendly products, services, and shipping to their customers. This helps businesses meet rising consumer and regulatory demands to embody sustainable values and reduce environmental impact on the planet,” expressed Jesse Uzzell.

Connecting a digital crypto-token to a digital commodity imbues the token with real-world value and utility, and it greatly expands the use cases and liquidity for carbon credits. Interested individuals can now sign up now for 1PLANET VIP access and pre-launch Flash Sales at:

Climate Futures is actively onboarding new business partners and climate project developers. If you share Climate Futures’ mission to empower everyone to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change, contact partners(at)climatefutures(dot)com.

For media inquiries, please contact Kili Wall at (310) 260-7901 or kili[at]melrosepr(dot)com.


1PLANET, developed by Climate Futures, empowers individuals and businesses to take climate action in their daily lives by enabling access to global carbon markets. Carbon credits are environmental commodities created by projects independently-certified for their role in reducing carbon emissions.1PLANET tokens are ERC-20 tokens that can be purchased, earned, and gifted, and that have the actual utility to offset carbon emissions within the 1PLANET ecosystem. Every marketplace transaction is logged on the 1PLANET Ethereum-Hyperledger dual blockchain system to ensure transparency and easy verifiability by any party.

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