Coinsclone integrates feature-packed IEO Module in their Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

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Coinsclone is the marvelous cryptocurrency exchange provider, which integrates the latest feature-packed IEO module in the cryptocurrency exchange script.

“We are well-experienced specialists in offering cryptocurrency exchange services at a low cost. We are one of the early adopters of the industry and have helped plenty of clients in launching their own Exchange Platform. We primarily provide importance to our clients and receive their feedback to come up with the innovation and features to our service and make them work efficiently”!, started the Chief official at Coinsclone. 

 With this, we are offering a new feature-packed IEO module in the cryptocurrency exchange script.

IEO is the Initial Exchange Offering, where the token sale for fundraising completely takes place on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Since ICOs turned out to be scams, Initial exchange offerings are a legitimate way to raise funds.

This has been a trustworthy strategy for Startups who are interested to raise funds, Investors who are looking to make money as well as the Owners of the Crypto Exchange who are looking to make additional income.

If you already own a Cryptocurrency Exchange, it is a profitable way to integrate the IEO Module to make an extra source of Income.  Else, you can create an exchange platform with an IEO Development Service feature module.

It is the token sale that will be held in the exchange platform. It exchanges different cryptocurrency based on the customization of startups. Before starting the initial exchange platform, the startup or entrepreneur should buy a token at the fixed price of the exchange platform.

IEO users do not send any contributions to smart contracts, instead of that, they want to create a separate account for the exchange platform. Then fund the coins in wallets and use those funds to buy the tokens.

Benefits of using Initial Exchange Offering: 

  • IEO is more secure and liquidity is high compared to ICO.
  • ICO can be generated by anyone, so there will be a possibility of many scammed tokens. But in IEO only exchangers can create a token so that there will be no way of scammed tokens.
  • One of the main benefits of the initial exchange offering is trust. By using the IEO there will be less chance of losing their funds by scammers.
  • By using IEO, many users can exchange the cryptocurrency instantly. The main concept behind the IEO is crowdfunding and there will be more trust compared to ICO.
  • IEO can make the user participate in the stock market to raise the funds, which makes the startups or entrepreneur increase their profits.
  • Initial Exchange Offering introduces the decentralized fundraising model. Which gives the strong confidence to crypto traders while trading.
  • It will be easier for the projects

“With these things taken into account, we integrated the IEO Module into our existing Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. We hope this can definitely bring in a huge source of money for our clients!”, ended the Chief Official at Coinsclone.


About  Coinsclone: 

Acknowledged as the top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Provider in the industry,  We come up with the exclusive business needs of clients across the world. We have offered and delivered more than 60+ cryptocurrency exchange software services which have served clients with a huge number of profits.

To know more about our service, you can visit

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