Community Driven Crypto Exchange Thrives Post Crypto-Winter

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Back in the crypto winter of 2018, the cryptocurrency landscape was changing at a rapid pace. The volatile sell-off of established currencies, ultimately lead to the collapse of the ICO market.

The promise of massive gains through investing in little known projects was at fever pitch late 2017/early 2018 following the dramatic rise of Bitcoin. This in-turn lead to a large influx of new investors. An unprecedented number of projects came to the fore seeking funding for their ‘revolutionary’ technologies. Once Bitcoin and Ethereum crashed, many projects ran out of funding and morphed into either scams or ‘runaways’ whilst others were put on hold indefinitely.

Amongst these new projects was a dedicated, determined and committed team whose mission was to offer an alternative to the existing crypto exchanges. A platform offering many advantages over their competitors that would provide both novice and experienced traders with a number of trading benefits which are unrivaled in the current market.

XERA Exchange was one project that escaped the turmoil. XERA Exchange overcame adversity through sheer tenacity and commitment to deliver their proposition regardless of the obstacles and hurdles along the way. Rather than accept defeat, the founders of XERA took the courageous decision to self-fund the project.

Rolling forward a few months and XERA are growing from strength to strength. The team have worked tirelessly to deliver a fully working and groundbreaking cryptocurrency exchange.

Public awareness is growing at a rapid pace with a large and active community expanding and contributing to the success of the project.

A powerful and effective marketing strategy is fully underway including Air Drops, a Bounty and various competitions using a strong and expanding social media presence.

XERA Exchange is setting the ‘new’ precedent for cryptocurrency exchanges with a platform that offers facilities, tools, performance and a community never seen before.

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