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Creative marketing agency Neomam released cryptocurrencies concept art design as bank notes

creative content marketing agency neomam, has released a banknote concept designs series for 99bitcoins that imagines how 10 cryptocurrencies would look as physical paper money. These 10 designs transform the virtual currency such as bitcoin into a paper, neomam attempts to assist us in understanding the financial technology industry by visualizing the potential shift in how we define currency. 

bitcoin founded in 2009 and has pioneered blockchain and utilizes a mining method to gain rewards.

Essentially the pieces of paper used today as money are only valued because either a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in the exchange/trade of the pieces of paper agree on its value. 

When cryptocurrencies boomed seemingly overnight, the emergence of a new possible currency that is exclusively traded online rocked the world. now, ‘cryptocurrencies are being used for everything from charitable donations and social media tips to billion dollar institutional investments,’ which make neomam’s concept design for 99bitcoins an interesting concept.

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  1. Susan Reply

    I think no one wants paper money, that’s the point with cryptocurrencies, but hey… I must admit, the art work is phenomenal.

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