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Credits Testnet 4.1

What is CREDITS?

CREDITS is the fastest and most scalable public blockchain platform for development and execution of Decentralized Applications based on blockchain technology in a number of application spheres. It is the first platform to solve blockchain scalability problem without compromising two other components: security and decentralization.

The platform is characterized by the following features:

  • High transaction processing speed – more than 1 million transactions per second;
  • The minimum transaction processing time is from 0.01 seconds per transaction;
  • Very low price – a differentiated rate from about 0.001 USD;
  • Smart contracts that have new advanced capabilities and tools.

CREDITS has become the most demanded blockchain platform in the world.  Naturally, in order to match this demand CREDITS’ target audience is quite wide as well and includes Internet of Things, Banking, Finance, Medicine, Consumer and Industrial goods, Business, Gambling, Clouds, Videogame industry and many others.

Credits Testnet 4.1 is a public testing network open for connection that fully matches MainNet by technical characteristics and functions. This network is needed to test future solutions before they are implemented on the MainNet network.

Nodes use an advanced UDP protocol to transfer data among adjacent nodes. Each node of the network sets up a connection with a limited number of adjacent nodes, thereby forming a network topology.

Each node has a replica of a chain of blocks stored in a high-performance NoSQL database in key / value format. The basic mathematical algorithm for the interaction between network participants is a consensus based on BFT / DPoS algorithms. The purpose of the consensus is to provide the only valid final decision, for all participants of the network.

Data transfer to the network is carried out via  API interface of the platform based on the Apache Thrift technology with use of the http / https data transfer protocol, both locally or remotely.


Credits Desktop Wallet

The desktop version of the wallet, is implemented in Java. This version of the wallet provides a high level of security, privacy and stability.

The Desktop Wallet app only works in conjunction with the network node running on the user’s computer.


  • View the balance;
  • View transaction history;
  • View transactions with smart contracts;
  • Create a transaction;
  • Creating a new token, using a smart contract;
  • Create and download a smart contract;
  • Operations with smart contracts.

Credits Web Wallet

Credits Web Wallet is a client interface for secure and easy interaction with the MainNet peer-to-peer network, simple, flexible, easy to configure.

Credits Web Wallet allows to transfer  currency from one user to another and perform operations with a deployed smart contract without installation of the full version of the node, if there is no need to compile it. Synchronization with the network is performed automatically in real time. Connection to the peer-to-peer network is performed with use of the platform API.

The functionality of Web Wallet duplicates the one of Desktop Wallet, apart from the abilities to create and download new smart contracts.

Functional capacity:

  • Overview of the balance;
  • Overview of the transaction history;
  • Overview of the operations with smart contracts;
  • Generation of transactions;
  • Creation of a new token with use of a smart contract;
  • Operations with deployed smart contracts.

Credits Monitor

Credits Monitor is a web version of the application that provides the ability to view the registry of transactions. Monitor is implemented on Java + Angular JS and connects to a peer-to-peer network via the platform API. Statistics is being updated every second.

The following information is presented on the Credits Monitor page:

  • total amount of nodes in the network;
  • transaction statistics;
  • balance;
  • details of transactions for the selected wallet;
  • general information about the smart contract;
  • review of an open smart contract.

The monitor is based on the node architecture. To provide an actual information, the Monitor receives information about all changes in the blocks, but does not participate in the rounds.

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