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CREDITS are excited to announce the launch of the new mobile version Credits wallet! It introduces a number of important features, and the most exciting is the application support for Ethereum (ETH). Credits Team developers have done an amazing job to ensure the stability and security for the wallet ecosystem. Now with the latest update you can deposit and withdraw ETH using CREDITS wallet! 

Furthermore, we are not stopping here by adding ETH only and continue working on implementing more coins options to our waller. We will keep you posted on the next ERC20 token inclusions!

Another feature of the latest update is about increased functionality of the window allowing you to attach documents for KYC. We have improved its usability by adding the option to make several camera shots of documents at once. We also have changed the design of the window which allows the mobile camera to capture images.

The third feature is that now you can choose and add to the home screen your favorite tokens (available only for those issued on СREDITS blockchain).

Within this update we have fixed a bug with the list of the countries, when the window was opening before the country directory was fully loaded.

Time and date format is modified now to a more convenient version of 11th of August 11:00 (instead of 11.05.2020, 11:44:32)

Notification mistakes are fixed too in the updated version.

The latest Credit Wallet mobile update is already available, get it here for Android and Apple!

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