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Crypto Hedge Fund Summit to open on 27 July 2018

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The high level of uncertainty and low level of market liquidity have made cryptocurrency investments more sensitive to market cycles, riskier to trade and more appealing to hedge funds. The bare beginning of 2018 does not scare the investors, however highlights crypto’s ability to make money through volatility.

More players are entering.

Since the beginning of last year, an increasing number of traditional hedge funds are adding cryptocurrencies into their portfolios. With the large swings of the cryptocurrencies’ market, some of those risk-taking hedge funds are celebrating more than 1000 percent return. Altana Digital Currency Fund claimed an outstanding 1,496% return in 2017.

More traditional asset management firms are also starting to explore the market. Last week, the world’s largest asset manager – Blackrock, announced it had assembled a working group analysing and researching the technology of blockchain and the trading of cryptocurrency. The statement immediately set off a Bitcoin price surge as Blackrock’s interest in cryptocurrency acts as an endorsement for the market.

Recognizing the trend, Trade Terminal, a leading cryptocurrency trading provider, partnered with Liaoyuan, the Boston-based Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital service firm, decided to initiate the 2018 Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, inviting experts and key influencers in the crypto hedge industry to sit down and discuss the current status and future investing trend in the cryptocurrencies market.

“The crypto market is growing so fast,” said Chen Li, CEO of Liaoyuan. “But there are still legal and technical concerns limiting the fund managers from moving further. They need an opportunity to set things straight.”

Spark Block chain Incubator, Merkle Data, Jinse Finance, U.S. Blockchain, Vatic Labs, SVinsight, Futuremoney, Cointime, Continue Capital, MainNexus Capital, Calculus, and Blockchain Without Borders Summit Committee, immediately joined as strategic partners inviting industry key players, sharing research results, and aiming to further stimulate the discussion on crypto in the hedge fund industry.

The summit is scheduled on 27 July 2018 at The New York Marriott Downtown. BlackRock, BitSpread, BlockTower, Two Sigma Compass, Trade Terminal, Vatic Labs and 20 more agencies have confirmed to attend the summit. In total, more than 200 industry experts, researchers and managers will attend and discuss the recent trend in how hedge fund managers should evaluate and invest in this market.

The summit would not only be valued as the first crypto summit on the secondary market, but also the first summit that are open to independent investors.

The panels and keynote speeches will discuss the current market, the difficulty of ICO, the difference of crypto and traditional investments, and the lack of infrastructure in crypto investing.

It will also share the most recent research findings on the cryptocurrency trading and address how secondary investors can break through the technical barriers and better understand the blockchain technology.

The popularity of the summit marks the continuous growing of the cryptocurrency market and the discussion would likely attract more traditional hedge funds to consider include cryptocurrencies as a new alternative investment.

If you have any questions concerning the event, please feel free to contact [email protected]

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