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Cryptocurrency, the Main Power Distribution Tool in a social Economy Powered Google and Facebook

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The Role Google and Facebook Played in Changing the World

Google and Facebook are not just two giant internet companies which are extremely successful but rather our day to day life. Google dominates the life of an average person ranging from internet basic search to mobile phone and finance. Today not so many people are not using a kind of a google product somehow.

Facebook on the other hand has laid the lasting foundation for effective peer to peer communication over the internet. With facebook messenger, whatsapp and instagram people are able to communicate unlimitedly. Before the introduction of facebook there were already a multitude of available social networks but they lacked something facebook could solve easily. Sites like were way far more used in 2006 than facebook.

Billions of people are using Facebook and google services around the globe. The economy of the market depends of the people and knowledge of products is core foundation in marketing for companies. Millions of adverts are poured to the internet on a daily basis towards the users. Although the users who spend their time watching or reading this ads do not get a dime from these massive income opportunities, facebook and google does making billions of dollars in annual profits.

Paying Consumers to Use the internet and social Networks

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will help in sharing ads revenue between companies and users. Probably giving a 10 percent of the annual facebook ads revenue to the users isn’t a very big deal to facebook.

Although google already has a scheme of sharing its ads revenue with the users through their google adsense services, more can still be done to make the sharing widely available without much preconditions than using the internet and having a cryptocurrency wallet address.

The next generation of successful social networks and search engines will depend on how much dollars are the users earning from the sites. If the two giants Facebook and google fail to adapt to that rule new companies will rise and takeover the market. We have witnessed how internet giants like yahoo and fell to their news in a matter of less than a decade.

Cryptocurrency the hope of an Actual Independence

The global financial system is marred by centralization of resources in the hands of a few rich people at the expense of the majority poor. The Rich with their financial upper hands could control the way of life of the poorer class of people. Many Government across the world arrive at crucial decisions based on what some few rich guys want totally ignoring sole reasons for its formation to protect the common citizens.

Cryptocurrency brings back the hope of a real independence free from the oppression of centralised authorities. In a business like term the blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms can allow us to run large business online without any government control over it and reap big profits, the money currently being siphoned only by the central authorities.

Bitcoin came close to making this a reality in 2009 when it was introduced and made available for mining in normal computers. The only miscalculation was about how much bitcoin can one person mine. This led to the development of sophisticated machines which anc mine all the bitcoins in a matter of seconds creating a centralised ownership. Bitcoin fought back by tightening its difficulty factor, but unfortunately only the rich can afford to mine bitcoin now because of the high equipment and energy costs.



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