Cryptology trading site review: An outstanding cryptocurrency exchange platform

Boris Dzhingarov

Boris Dzhingarov

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The best cryptocurrency exchange for traders globally 

The cryptocurrency sector has many opportunities. People around the globe are seeking crypto trading services each day. But, sadly, fraudsters take advantage of the high demand to con innocent traders.

It is advisable to be cautious when looking for an exchange. Consider reviews by experts and previous customers. If you find many negative comments, it is better to avoid the business. Other things you should check include if the service is straightforward, whether the company is operating legally, the supported currencies, and support services.

The exchange that has proven to be suitable for all kinds of traders is Cryptology. Since its establishment in 2018, traders have enjoyed incredible features. Moreover, all countries except Japan and America access the trading platform.

Some things that make the website ideal for crypto trading are an easy-to-use interface, low fees, multiple languages, and excellent support.


The leading instant exchange cryptocurrency service

The leading crypto exchange came into the market in 2018. The company that runs it is in Seychelles. Customers enjoy a straightforward and user-friendly layout. If you are new to crypto trading, you will not need technical knowledge to use the website.

Also, in case you get stuck, there are support agents to sort you out. You can access the services in multiple languages. Examples include:

  • Bulgarian.
  • Russian.
  • English.
  • French.
  • Spanish.
  • Korean.
  • Chinese,
  • German.
  • Hindi.
  • Polish.
  • Portuguese.


The open source cryptocurrency exchange signup and verification activities

You become a member of the trading platform only after passing the registration and verification procedures.

Signing up

The activity does not consume so much time. There is a registration form to fill out your name, country, email address, and password.

Getting verified

Without verification, you cannot participate in trading, depositing, and withdrawing money. There are two steps.


The platform needs you to provide your name, evidence of your identity, and a picture with your identification.

Passing primary verification unlocks a ten thousand dollars deposit limit.


The company needs you to provide your name, address, and the issuer.

Completing the second verification step makes you eligible to deposit as much money as you wish because there is no limit.


Exceptional features at the reliable cryptocurrency exchange

The leading crypto exchange has impressive features. This section will describe them.

Buy cryptocurrency 

Customers engage in the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies against the following currencies:

  • Rubbles.
  • Euros.
  • Dollars.

The featured cryptos are:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Litecoin.
  • Tether.
  • Lumen.
  • Ripple.
  • Zcash.


The company also allows customers to perform these conversions:

  • Bitcoin to Tether.
  • Tether to Bitcoin.

Exchange service is a flexible trading platform that has the following:

  • A high number of trading pairs.
  • Market charts.
  • Tools for analyzing. 

Crypto trading takes place against fiat and stable coins through:

  • Limits.
  • Market orders.
  • Stop-limit.

The exchange pairs:

  • BTC.
  • ETH.
  • XRP.
  • DYDX.
  • XLM.
  • BCH.
  • LTC.
  • ZEC.
  • USDT.
  • DAI.
  • USDC.
  • TRX.
  • BAT.
  • KVI.
  • PSC.
  • 1INCH.
  • EURS.
  • EUR.
  • USD.
  • RUB. 



The option allows placing perpetual trades with a leverage of 100x. 

Traders select from cross-margin and isolated places. 

Mitigation systems are in place to protect transactions. The protection reduces the risk of high volatility.

The trading entity additionally has an insurance fund and auto-deleveraging processes.


The feature is new and makes the trading company unique. Thanks to the Earn option, people get a yearly interest rate of 15%. In addition, you can lock your funds for one month, two months, or three months.

If you wish to improve your yearly returns, staking CRO will help.

People earn from the following cryptocurrencies:

  • EURS.
  • DAI.
  • USDT.
  • USDC.
  • BTC.

The Earn feature profits exceed what banks around the globe provide. Expect to get paid in the same currency you used when making a deposit.


Quick entry and low charges at the best cryptocurrency coin exchange

The company aims to offer not only an easy-to-use service but also an affordable one. No matter your past trading activities, you can benefit from the platform. The minimum order size is only 0.10 dollars making it suitable for traders to trade freely.

The charges for trading and commissions are also low. 0.002 is what makers and takers pay currently.

Also, don’t expect to pay for overnight or rollover futures.

Even rollover and overnight futures have no charges.

The only time you can expect to pay is when you pay or withdraw using cryptocurrency or fiat.


The cash cryptocurrency exchange deposits and withdrawal methods

In trading, you make payments and withdraw earnings. The leading exchange company offers dependable transaction options.

How to deposit funds

You can use one of these options:

  • MasterCard.
  • Visa. 
  • Deposit Express.
  • Boleto.
  • Wire transfer.
  • Cryptos such as TRC20, ERC20, and USDT.

How to withdraw funds

The company permits traders to withdraw money using cryptocurrencies. The only crypto that you cannot use is BCH. 

Wire transfer is the second withdrawal method. One of the options is known as SEPA. 

Only verified members are eligible to use wire transfers. You will incur some fees when you withdraw money. The same method, when used to deposit funds, is free.

None of the above payment services is complicated. On the contrary, they are all straightforward, making them suitable for new members.


User protection and support services at your own cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency is one of the industries that scammers attack. In addition, there have been security bridges that led to the loss of millions of funds in the past. So, safety should be a priority when selecting an exchange.

Both the website and the users need to get protected from fraudsters. The leading exchange has everything in order. So, users should not worry.

The first safety measure is the two-factor authentication procedure which ensures that accounts get accessed by legit owners. So, if a stranger wants to log into your account, they will get stuck since they can’t prove that they are the rightful owners.

Two-factor authentication additionally manages password change and withdrawal of funds.

Another safety procedure is the use of SSL to protect the website database. The encryption technology makes customer details unreadable. So, third parties cannot tamper with the platform data. The measure also fixes security bridges on the online platform.



The crypto exchange, like all other distinguished companies, has a support center. Customers that face challenges can contact the support team. The methods of communication include email and the ticket system.

The representatives ensure to solve customer issues within the shortest possible time.

You may not always need a support agent because a detailed FAQ section covers most traders’ questions.


The article has described the top crypto exchange in detail. It is apparent traders have everything they need from a trading platform. Unfortunately, only the United States and Japanese people cannot access the service since it is not accepted. However, other people from other nations can register using a computer or an iOS or Android device. The signup activity is simple, and everything else from depositing to withdrawing profits is straightforward.

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