CryptoSecure Proposes to Set New Hackproof Security Standard for Cryptocurrencies

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Impenetrable security is essential for cryptocurrency potential to be realized expects its revolutionary hackproof security to rapidly become the new security standard for the cryptocurrency industry as it totally secures the entire cryptocurrency transactional chain including token issuance, tokens, wallets, exchange and all transactions.

Exchanges hacked in the first half of this year resulted in $761 million in cryptocurrencies being stolen. Theft from individual wallets is also rampant and the USA Federal Trade Commission reports $532 million lost to crypto-related scams in the first two months of 2018 and expects this to rise to $3 billion by yearend. All these incidents could have been avoided through the impenetrable CryptoSecure Platform security.

Without total security, KYC/AML and regulatory compliance, there will never be trust or confidence in cryptocurrencies. Partial or patch solutions such as encryption, secure wallets and cold storage are inadequate as is the disregard of compliance. For mass-adoption and investment by the multi-trillion-dollar institutional market cryptocurrencies must be compliant, free from theft, operational risks and cybercrime at individual transactional level as well as throughout the entire system.


The CryptoSecure Platform delivers unprecedented hackproof security at transactional level and through the entire system infrastructure.  Its world-class operational network control and management uniquely meets all 20 of the SANS Critical Security Controls, eliminates risk of token theft and operational and cybercrime threats. Core security components being integrated into the cryptocurrency industry’s only hackproof operational system through the Key Capital licensing agreement, the CryptoSecure wallet and the Jentu Technologies partnering include:

Token and Wallet Security – All Platform issued tokens are hackproof, KYC/AML compliant and subject to Authentication with all transactions further Validated through Identity and Stake. If tokens are somehow stolen (unlikely), they are replaced.

Exchange Security – The CryptoSecure Exchange due for launch by Q1, 2019 will also be hackproof, KYC/AML compliant and regulated.

Transactional Security – All transactions are seamlessly real-time authorized, Proof of Identity, Authority and Stake validated, with cryptocurrency token balances recorded on the blockchain.

Scalability – The CryptoSecure Exchange operates in real-time and can process tens of thousands of transactions per second. The impenetrable CryptoSecure infrastructure operates with micro-second latency, 20x network acceleration and 10,000x increased performance comparative to other systems.

Individual Security – All KYC/AML detail is used exclusively to assure compliance and transactional Identity, Authority and Stake. No information is openly shared and the rights to individual privacy is respected and protected. However, with regard to any identified money laundering and/or serious criminal or illicit activity CryptoSecure will fully cooperate with authorities and freeze accounts upon detection. 

Operational Security – All CryptoSecure operations are processed through CryptoSecure servers and data centers that are protected by Jentu Technologies network management and security. In basic terms, this provides for all system endpoints that are connected to CryptoSecure servers to be operating without hard disks. With no hard disks there is nowhere for hackers to hack or malware to exist.

This CryptoSecure Platform security is provided through CryptoSecure unique technology that is subject to patenting process. This security is integrated with partnered industry proven Jentu Technologies breakthrough hackproof network management and security systems. It is being further enhanced through added operational and security layers being developed by the 40 plus CryptoSecure team of programmers and engineers and the Key Capital Fintech division.


The first tokens to be issued through the CryptoSecure Platform and trading on its Exchange will be CryptoSecure SECURE tokens and gold-backed GoldCrypto AuX tokens. It is anticipated there will be a growing demand for other cryptocurrencies and exchanges to utilize the unprecedented hackproof security offered through the CryptoSecure Platform.

This Platform will only be accessible through unique CryptoSecure wallets and all use and Exchange fees and charges, which will be comparatively low, will only be payable by SECURE tokens. Currently several other cryptocurrency projects are in discussion regarding proposed listing on the CryptoSecure Exchange, other cryptocurrency exchanges will also be able to license CryptoSecure Platform security and it is therefore expected that there will be a rapidly growing demand for and liquidity in the SECURE tokens.

Following closing of the CryptoSecure ICO SECURE tokens will only be able to be acquired on the CryptoSecure Exchange or through payment to CryptoSecure of US$0.25 per token.

GoldCrypto AuX Tokens AuX tokens will be the world’s first hackproof cryptocurrency to trade on the CryptoSecure Exchange. Most importantly, AuX tokens represent the first cryptocurrency meeting all key requirements expected in currencies. With their unprecedented security and better than Gold Standard accretive gold backing, the AuX tokens are the ideal Unit of Account, Store of Value, and means of payment for global use. See:

CryptoSecure ICO

CryptoSecure is in process of its ICO which closes on August 10, 2018. Currently, 4,875 SECURE coins can be acquired per ETH, however exchange can be by BTC, ETH, BTC Cash or ETH Classic.  For details see:     

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