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The old saying goes : “Pioneers take the arrows, settlers take the land”. But this is NOT true for DApp games. For example, Fomo3D, which went viral last year; the winners were the pioneers who grabbed the chance to be in the game first, and those who lost terribly were those who missed the prime time to enter the game.

Recently, there has been a newly launched betting DApp game platform called DooTron. Based on its mining mechanism, every time you bet you get to mine a certain amount of DOO; if you bet 100 TRX, you get 2.5 DOO, the lower amount you bet the lesser DOO you get. After that, you can freeze your DOO and watch your dividend grow in the prize pool.

Simple and straightforward, DooTron starts with you betting any amount of TRX. After the first card is dealt, you would need to guess the value of next card. There are options of high/low, color, and suits for you to guess from; the lower the possibility, the higher the odds are. The amount of the odds are displayed in a corresponding box.

If you made the right guess, you get the winnings indicated in the box. You can either choose to bet again with the amount you won or just cash out and get what you deserved.

Betting 100 TRX gets you a fixed amount 2.5 DOO each time, but if you win, you get to receive your principal + a bonus of 150 TRX. Choose to bet again, and you could use your bonus to mine more DOO of 3.75. The more rounds you win, the more DOO you mine, so be sure to cross your fingers when you’re betting!

The amounts may seem small at first, but it can grow to a hefty sum if you keep up the good luck. Eventually it becomes a tug of war of whether to continue betting or to quit while you’re ahead. The funny thing is, once you start thinking about it, you start to lose…hmm.

Also, when you invite your friend to play games on DooTron, you will earn additional 15% of DOO generated by your friend’s bet! Refer more friends and get more rewards!

All in all, this is a simple to play but interesting game. You might start out of boredom but for some reason end up being unable to resist the urge to put the next bet. Being only recently launched, we are expecting to see official campaigns popping up to promote this game.

From what we see on DooTron’s page, there seems to be a couple more games pending release, which is also A current trend for platforms, so I guess we can wait patiently and see what they have in store for us!

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