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Darin Oliver of BLOCKDRAW to speak at G2E in Las Vegas, on how to make the gambling industry “Provable as Fair”

Darin Oliver, CEO of BLOCKDRAW will be attending the upcoming G2E (Global Gaming Expo) is the largest casino-gaming event in the world. Darin a former casino regulator will be speaking about new ways to make the online gambling industry more transparent, secure and trustworthy for the operators, regulators and of course, the players. Global Gaming Expo (G2E) will take place in Las Vegas “by the industry- for the industry”.

At (G2E) Darin will be joined by NBA legend and two-time Hall of Famer Earvin “Magic” Johnson who will be giving the keynote address and discussing the future of sports betting legalization in the USA. Darin will be discussing both the regulation of crypto-casinos and the real benefits that blockchain technology brings to the casino gaming industry globally.

Currently, most people are concerned that blockchain casinos won`t be accepted by the industry. However, Darin Oliver has a completely different point of view on this point. He claims that many companies are now attempting to develop decentralized platforms for online casinos, but they do not properly implement the key concepts such as security, safety, and infrastructure integratory: “We have a vision at BLOCKDRAW that we will build the right model that will be enjoyed by players and highly trusted by large companies in the casino-gaming space. Our model will give customers the traditional experience of online casino and at the same time will offer significant benefits of the blockchain. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this conference is to unite like-minded professionals of the industry with their own unique experiences, ideas, and visions. I hope that through deep discussions we will all manage to come up with brilliant and versatile solutions that will lead the whole online gambling industry to the better future.”

At G2E, Darin will present “BLOCKDRAW” a blockchain powered online casino & gaming ecosystem. He is here to share his unique experience and help you understand everything you need to know about how the modern online casino gaming world will benefit and grow from the introduction of blockchain technology with the “Provable as Fair” concept.

Everyone knows that what happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas. However, not this time, everything that happens at (G2E) Vegas will have to go outside to the casino-gaming industry globally for the benefit of everyone.

Set yourself up for success at Global Gaming Expo (G2E)—the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America. Take advantage of new educational content that is fast-paced and actionable and experience first-hand the new products and innovative technologies displayed on the expo floor.

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