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Decentralized exchange Radar Relay raised $10 Million from investors

According to a medium post by Radar Relay the cryptocurrency startup  raised $10 million from Blockchain Capital and other investors.

Their first product is a wallet-to-wallet decentralized trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens built on the 0x Protocol. Operating an order book, the platform relays orders between peers while never holding any assets in custody. Since launching in October, Radar Relay already welcomed thousands of users from 150 countries, onboarded 170 tokens, traded over $150m in volume, and grown the team to almost 30, now they expect to 100X that.

Radar Relay is a dApp, or decentralized application, designed for wallet-to-wallet trading of cryptocurrencies. Unlike CoinbaseBitstamp, and other centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, the Radar Relay decentralized exchange does not require you to establish an account. With Radar Relay, you can securely trade tokens without having to share your name, address, and other personal information. Additionally, it has no lockup period or fees for deposits and withdrawals. Like DDEX, the Radar Relay decentralized exchange not only improves security, but also saves time and money.

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