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DigiShares, the leading provider of white-label solutions for security token issuance and corporate management, has announced a new white-label partner based in Switzerland, Konsento AG.

Konsento AG is a Swiss-based provider of comprehensive investment management solutions for companies and their investors. DigiShares and Konsento jointly developed a solution which enables Konsento to offer company administrators the ability to represent and manage equity positions, track changes over time in auditable logs, implement digitized document workflows with electronic signatures, maintain the share register in various forms depending on the type of incorporation, register beneficial ownership, and communicate with investors individually and jointly.

Further, the solution has an advanced module for conducting annual shareholder and other meetings in a fully digital format, with agenda items and votes, including the use of proxies. There is a personalized dashboard for investors where they can track their equity holdings, access relevant documents and contracts, participate in shareholder meetings and vote on relevant polls, etc. The entire solution maintains a high degree of security to ensure that confidential and important company documents are kept safe.

Konsento uses this solution as their basic application and to manage the relationships between companies and their investors.

Sandro Stricker, Co-Founder of Konsento, says, “We are observing a growing interest in asset tokenisation in Switzerland. However, we also see a significant number of companies that have not yet digitalized their investor relations workflows. While we want to be prepared for the latest technological developments, we also want to build a bridge to those who have not yet digitalized. DigiShares supports us in this by enabling us to fully register and manage traditional securities. We expect to be able to sign up many companies from the traditional economy, and then slowly over time convert some of these to becoming fully or partly tokenized.”

Mr. Stricker adds, “We have already signed up the first couple of clients and have generally been very happy to work with the DigiShares team during the customization and implementation process. We expect a very fruitful collaboration in the future”.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, says, “Konsento is a really good example of a white-label partner that fits perfectly into our strategy of becoming a high quality trusted provider of white-label solutions for financial consultancies, asset managers, real estate fund managers, and renewables fund managers. Our solution is geared towards being easy to customize, integrate and re-brand, such that it can be easily deployed to create value for anyone interested in raising capital for multiple projects or manage a group of corporate investors or shareholders in a project or fund.”

Mr. Skaaning adds, “We view the digitization and tokenization of securities as a global megatrend and one of the biggest business opportunities world-wide. Regulators, startups and incumbents are all struggling to secure a foothold in an industry reported to have a CAGR of 59% and to become a multi-trillion dollar market by 2030. DigiShares is working on many white-label partnerships and well on its way to become an important player. DigiShares is currently conducting our own STO where interested investors can participate in our journey.”

About DigiShares

DigiShares provides white label solutions for security token issuance and corporate management. We work with asset managers, investment fund managers, real estate developers, renewables project developers, etc. who are interested in more efficient ways of raising capital and managing many investors in their fund or project. We offer high quality functionality for tokenization to enable investors to register and be verified, purchase tokens, and for the longer term management of the group of tokenized investors, the platform will maintain an investor register, facilitate communication with investors, votes, shareholder meetings, etc. As a special feature we offer an internal exchange where existing and new investors can trade their shares within a single project.

DigiShares’ platform is a so-called multi-STO platform, enabling an asset manager to raise funds for and manage the investors in multiple STOs (Security Token Offerings). It contains dashboards for the overall administrator of the platform, for the administrator of each individual STO, and for the investors in the STOs.

DigiShares is your trusted partner to ensure that your digital assets will be compliant and liquid.

Website: https://digishares.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigiSharesDK/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IHDMSU9kIUAuG5bmHjbaIw


About Konsento

Konsento addresses shortcomings in investments in private companies, especially in managing the relationship between issuer and investor.

We provide digital workflows that assist companies in managing the entire relationship between companies and shareholders in a simple, transparent and legally compliant manner.

Key topics for the time being are online Annual General Meetings, online voting, administration of capital increases and collaborative contract editing and signing.

Website: https://konsento.ch

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