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DigiShares, the white-label platform solution for tokenizing securities, has been recently featured in Andrew Roman’s “Masters of Blockchain, Digital Assets, and the New Capital Markets”, one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date books on blockchain and tokenization. This came about, as the company’s CEO, Claus Skaaning, was invited to contribute a chapter about the development of the STO market and its benefits.

Skaaning has also been interviewed by the Cryptotwins, whose popular Youtube channel, ValueTokenized, provides educational content to help businesses learn about tokenization. Our CEO has talked about the challenges and benefits of carrying out an STO and how DigiShares can contribute to the new financial infrastructure provided by the blockchain technology. It all comes into the context of the company’s ongoing STO, which is one of the first in Europe to also target retail investors.

“Masters of Blockchain” and DigiShares’ role in the new capital markets

 “Masters of Blockchain” is a book written by Andrew Romans, author, CEO, and partner at several venture capital firms, which explores the entire blockchain and tokenization domain, from the rise of cryptocurrencies and token economies to what that means for startups, corporations, or investors. Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, has been invited to contribute a chapter in this book, where he delves into the development and benefits of security tokens.

“Almost all companies in the STO industry quote the World Economic Forum figure of 10% of the global GDP moving to the blockchain by 2028 ($7.8 trillion), implying that a huge new market is developing. […] We are seeing two trends right now. The first is a massive increase in the number of market entrants providing products and services for the STO industry. The second is a massive growth in blockchain technology being adopted by established financial companies.”

“One major benefit of STOs is clearly the future tradability of the security. […] Forthcoming security token exchanges will make it much easier and less expensive to have your tokenized securities traded. This increased liquidity will surely attract many investors to STOs.”

Skaaning also mentioned how the Danish issuance platform DigiShares is part of this revolution: “In my company, we are focused on one application of blockchain technology – how to represent stocks on the blockchain. Even though it was written long before blockchain, the Danish securities regulation actually supports this quite well. Stock certificates may be digitized. The entire process around share registers, voting, shareholder meetings, etc. may be digitized. […] In practice we are storing an encrypted named stock certificate within each token. Each token represents one share in the company. Tokens will have smart contracts that check against a whitelist of investors to determine whether a given transfer to a new owner is compliant. Such securities can be

“passported” into other EU member states and possibly even outside the EU, making Denmark a solid destination for STOs.”

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Buy the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Masters-Blockchain-Digital-Capital-Markets-ebook/dp/B07KPFTJ5K

Cryptotwins interview DigiShares CEO Claus Skaaning

In their latest video, the two popular Cryptotwins, Xenia and Masha Vyazemskaya, have featured DigiShares. Their Youtube channel, ValueTokenized, is dedicated to getting tokenization industry insights from interviews with professionals in the field, the most recent one being Claus Skaaning. Our CEO talked about the challenges and benefits of carrying out a security token offering in the context of DigiShares’ ongoing STO, which is one of the first in Europe to also target retail investors, and about the company’s goals and plans for the future, as well as its role in the new financial infrastructure. Watch the video below

DigiShares is partnering with other companies in the industry in order to provide customers with better and more complete solutions. One of these projects, Altvesto, is a legal framework where investors can have shares in both tokenized and non-tokenized versions. Skaaning: “This legal framework is expected to be a step to attract institutional investors to come more easily into the domain of security tokens. We need to build some bridges to the traditional financial world in order to make it easy for them to accept the risk of adopting a new technology”.

DigiShares has also recently entered a partnership with the Finnish company, Empirica, focused on building the AI-based investor community platform, Binvestor, that will be a network for investors and companies seeking funding. DigiShares and Empirica will collaborate on building up the community and DigiShares will be the platform of choice for future STOs launched through Binvestor.

About DigiShares

DigiShares provides a platform for issuance and post-issuance management of tokenized securities. It helps with the initial design of the security token such that it fulfills the requirements of the issuer jurisdiction, using the most popular security token protocols and helping ensure that the token may later be traded on forthcoming security token exchanges. DigiShares is your trusted partner to ensure that your digital shares will be compliant and liquid.

DigiShares is currently conducting its own STO, learn more here: http://www.digishares.io/sto

Website: https://digishares.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigiSharesDK/

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IHDMSU9kIUAuG5bmHjbaIw

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