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What is Centyverse?

Centyverse is an immersive 3D online space that empowers people and businesses to better​ interact to each other, right from their desktop, mobile browser or VR.

Centyverse is exclusively monetized on CENTY crypto token and will be fully integrated with Centyfy Crypto Social Network and CentyNFT marketplace.


How is Centyverse different?

Centyverse virtual infrastructure is built on HEXLOTS, which are hexagonal virtual land lots equal to 1 acre (43560 ft2 or 4046 m2). All Centyfy Lifetime Members are entitled to 1 FREE HEXLOT.​ Extra HEXLOTS can be purchased at CentyNFT for 10000 CENTY each. All HEXLOT-OWNERS will receive a NFT Certificate of Hexlot Ownership.

​HEXOLT-OWNERS will enjoy the following features:​​​​

  • They can sell or rent their HEXOLTS anytime they want.


  • They can insert any “3D assets” on their HEXLOTS. 3D assets examples: buildings, schools, games, worlds, digital twins, galleries, entertaining venues, stores, AR content, etc.


  • All HEXLOTS can be customized by the owners as they wish, or they can use Centyverse Foundry metaverse as a service (MAAS) platform which will be available soon to all users.


Centyverse users will also be able to use all Centyfy and CentyNFT crypto features like:

  • Secure desktop/mobile CENTY (Stellar) wallet. Can send/receive CENTY tokens to and from any Centyfy users.


  • Secure desktop/mobile USD wallet. Can send/receive USD to and from any Centyfy users, buy and redeem CENTY tokens using USD or XLM.


  • Free text, voice and video CentyChat service to all users.


  • Earn $5.00 USD for each referral using our Affiliate System.


  • Share files, audio, photos, videos, live stream and get notifications on likes and comments of your posts.


  • Post, blog, create articles, forums and events, watch movies and play games.


  • Set up their own private or business page and public or private group.


  • Buy and sell on CentyMart, advertise their promotions on Offers and find employment on Jobs.


  • Mint, buy and sell CENTY tokens NFTs at CentyNFT marketplace.


  • Free and secure Android app.


  • 100% guarantee that Centyverse values everybody’s privacy and will never, ever share or sell our users data!


To gain early access, please visit us at:

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