Element Zero Launching the First Zero Volatility Protocol at CIS

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Los Angeles, California, (Oct 11, 2019) – Element Zero Network announced today that after months of testing and auditing, their zero volatility protocol for stablecoins and exchanges is ready for launch. Element Zero will formally announce the launch at the Crypto Invest Summit in LA, on October 16 during the main stage presentation of Jude Regev at 1:25 PM PDT.

Jude’s session will discuss current stablecoins in the industry, including Tether, Libra, and DAI, diving into what is preventing stablecoin from staying stable and increasing mass adoption. The best stablecoin will have what it takes to dethrone Visa and Mastercard as a preferred way of payment by reducing fees to zero. Further, Jude will dive into the lesser known issues present in exchange volatility which is one of the drivers in why stablecoins cannot remain stable.

Element Zero Network is a not-for-profit next-generation payment system that addresses the weaknesses of existing stablecoins and exchanges, which continue to plague the market with volatility due to their underlying methodologies. Element Zero has developed a zero volatility protocol for stablecoins and exchange that completely eliminates any possibility of volatility in the first place.

The session will launch Element Zero’s exchange, SmartSwap, which allows users a zero volatility swap with no fees, no spread, no hot wallet, no signup necessary, no KYC, and no bank account information sharing. The decentralized exchange will host both security and utility tokens. Those who attend the session will have the opportunity to license their own SmartSwap exchange for free.

Furthermore, Element Zero will launch the first version of their stablecoin, EZO (beta). This stablecoin will remain stable at 100% of face value while all other stablecoins still trade above or below their intended face value. At the end of the presentation, attendees will be able to license their own version of the EZO(beta) stablecoin for free.

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About Element Zero Network

Element Zero is a not-for-profit organization based in Silicon Valley, CA, Our new zero volatility protocol stablecoin is designed with the expectation of making the world better for all by offering protection against long-term inflation and by eliminating the possibility for any volatility in the first place.

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