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EOS Growing up slow and steady

The market of cryptocurrencies never fails to amaze us, and once again the sine wave is back like it has been the entire year on daily, weekly and monthly basis!

EOS is a cryptocurrency which runs on blockchain tokens that has the ability ton operate as a deployer of decentralized currencies and applications. EOS.IO aims to become the decentralized operating system to support industrial scale application with claims to eliminate transaction fees and also conduct millions of transactions per second.

Sine wave for EOS was simple too. It starts strong this month, came down and up a few times and eventually found itself a foot. EOS is currently valued at $6.03 and has gained. 10% high from Bitcoin and Ethereum not only its competitor but also the enormous stakes of the crypto market.

This high performance and stability can be the result of the new updated EOS Dawn 3.0 which is a blockchain application coined by EOS to be ‘The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.’

However, it still does not hold enough media hype, especially on social media, but luckily this does not have any effect on the value of the coin, and it still goes steady and simple, as always. The coin has some very organic interaction happening for itself and its update EOS Dawn 3.0 on all the platforms (however limited it may seem), and it will soon gain it the popular foot too.

This update can change a lot many things for EOS especially on the publicity forefront, and if all goes well, things might Pep a little as well, giving it clear access to winning streaks on the wall street as well as on Twitter!

One thing is clear that these social media coverage or discussion on financial forums and not deciding the destiny for EOS, and it is going to go well only as it has been for so long. We can say lesser the attention, lesser the wrong manifestation!

The crypto market is such a dynamic tat there is no way to know if things are happening the way they are supposed to or not, and what method will it take for the. But on things is for sure that anything that happens, there are chances (high chances) that it may only add to the benefit of EOS and will only push it ahead and up.

Keep looking out for EOS as it may be the next new thing to invest and bank the money since it has been stable and secure for some time now, allowing a very easy way to the people and maintaining it with them too!

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