The Explained Series

A collection of Articles to further understand the cryptocurrency world, as well as some altcoins reviews.

Dean Bryan

An Overview of everything about ICO

Ever since its advent, ICOs  have been popularly trending among the cryptosphere and is one of the most trending fundraising methods preferred by entrepreneurs for

Mary Ann Callahan

The Biggest Challenges Still Facing Blockchain

Blockchain technology still hasn’t taken over the world and become the backbone of the global financial system. That’s because there remain enormous challenges that the


The Digital Money Revolution

The rapid pace and sheer scale of innovation in digital currencies and mobile payments indicates that a monetary revolution is forthcoming. The choice for governments

Coins / Tokens Library

A Guide to PAX Gold

Stablecoin issuer PAXOS recently introduced its first gold-backed cryptocurrency PAX Gold. In a press release published in September, the financial operator claimed that it’s “the

Coins / Tokens Library

2key – Project Breakdown

This article highlights the key utilities of 2KEY tokens and the support mechanisms that regulate the token’s supply and demand. 2key Network’s ecosystem is comprised

Coins / Tokens Library
Vasilios Filip

What is Algorand ?

Algorand (ALGO) is a new cryptocurrency that is trying to address the three biggest issues plaguing the crypto space – decentralization, security, and scalability. Currently,


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