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Dubai, May 17, 2023: FINPR, a prominent crypto PR agency based in Dubai, has recently announced the launch of its new offering, which is providing crypto community management services for blockchain, Web3 projects.

This expansion aims to cater to the growing needs of non-fungible token (NFT), decentralized finance (DeFi), crypto exchange, and other blockchain and web3 companies seeking professional community moderation on popular social media platforms such as Telegram and Discord.

FINPR’s community management service is highly flexible, allowing crypto companies to choose between managing their community on Telegram or Discord, or both. Additionally, companies have the option to decide whether they require round-the-clock moderation support or if eight hours per day would suffice initially.

FINPR crypto PR agency Telegram community management plan includes various vital features, which encompass weekly frequently asked questions (FAQs) sheet updates, assistance with Telegram announcement creation, weekly and monthly community metrics reports, regular community engagement activities such as polls, and continuous chat conversation moderation.

For Discord community management, FINPR provides a comprehensive package that includes a custom bot for moderation purposes, full server boost, synchronisation of announcements between Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, as well as weekly updates of the FAQ list.

FINPR promises a swift response time from its moderators, focused on addressing queries and concerns within minutes, rather than the typical 5-10 minutes response window. Moreover, the agency offers community growth advisory services, providing valuable suggestions for effective campaigns and strategies tailored to foster community growth and meet marketing goals.

As one of the leading global crypto marketing agencies, FINPR has been actively assisting blockchain, crypto, and fintech startups since its inception. The agency offers an array of marketing services, which include influencer marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, and community management.

The CEO of FINPR, Kirill Bezverhi, emphasized the importance of a strong community within the crypto industry, stating:

 “In the crypto industry, a community is one of the key building blocks of every startup’s success. No community – no clients. No clients – no investors. And we were surprised to find out that there are not so many agencies who can offer community management service on a high-level.”


About FINPR Agency

FINPR is one of the best crypto PR firms and specializes in serving blockchain, Web3, and fintech startups. The range of marketing services provided includes PR, influence marketing, paid traffic, SEO, community management, and content creation. Since its establishment in 2017, The FINPR team of 15+ experts has successfully supported over 300 startups in Europe, the United States, and Asia.

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3 Responses

  1. Hello, I believe community management is indeed a key aspect of any successful crypto startup. It’s good to see you’re addressing this need. What measures are you taking to ensure the quality of interaction in the communities? Is there a vetting process for the moderators you employ?

  2. I’ve been looking into community management services for our crypto project. I’ve checked out a few agencies and one of them, TokenMinds, offers similar services at different pricing tiers. For example, their Basic Community Management Package is priced at $1500 and includes 24/7 community management, community nurturing, maintaining activeness in community, project strategy consultation, and daily support & weekly reporting. I’m curious to know how your services compare to theirs. What sets you apart from other agencies like TokenMinds? Looking forward to your response

  3. I just don’t get it when companies don’t advertise their packages prices, for the sake of transparency and ease of comparison just add some pricing tiers on your website!!!

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