Global Cryptocurrency Exchange PCEX Introduces New Trading Member in India DIGI BROKING

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PCEX, the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange that runs on the B2B model has introduced DIGI BROKING, a new trading member in India after PCEX Member to bring financial revolution in India by introducing crypto as an investment option.

DIGI BROKING, a coin trading platform that aims to bridge the gap between basic investing and active trading comes with a lot of features that will upscale overall trading experiences of the investors like seamless interface, competitive fees,  comprehensive trading pairs, multiple markets, and payment options along with 24/7 support services for the active trading community.

PCEX CEO Sandeep Phogat calls DIGI BROKING the best platform for beginners to start their crypto investment journey for achieving financial prosperity. He goes on to say that, we have been constantly working to bring financial revolution in the world through cryptocurrencies and our tie-up with DIGI BROKING in the world’s largest potential crypto market i.e. India will surely help in bringing this revolution soon.

DIGI BROKING gain access to a full-featured trading platform where traders and investors can experience:

  • Seamless registration process
  • User-friendly interference
  • Access to 50+ coin pairs
  • Multiple market options
  • Multiple [payment options
  • Lowest trading fees
  • Zero Deposit & Withdrawal fees
  • Separate trading wallet and funding wallet


DIGI BROKING is not only a platform or traders and investors; it is also for those who want to start their own crypto business. It offers a unique franchise model where individuals, companies, and firms can join as a Master Franchise, Franchise, and Freelancer and earn commissions from their own networks of clients.

The introduction of DIGI BROKING in India is the part of PCEX’s growing list of global partners to provide users access to high volume and liquidity for achieving financial prosperity.  For more information about PCEX and its business model check

About PCEX

PCEX aka Panaesha Capital Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading membership to partnership firms, limited liability firms, and businesses all around the world to start their own successful trading business in the crypto universe by taking leverage of PCEX’s high liquidity, high volume, and large crypto network. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading members, having millions of clients all around the world. To know more about PCEX, visit

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