HashCash Gets into Genetic Sequencing with Blockchain Technology

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Medical science is making a remarkable breakthrough using blockchain technology, especially in the fields of DNA mapping and genetic sequencing. HashCash, a global blockchain solutions provider plans to get into genetic sequencing and DNA mapping by creating a common platform using blockchain technology.

HashCash takes this step on offering a blockchain based global stage for the genetic sequencing as this will help the people throughout the world to access the data of the health information hidden in our genes. It will also facilitate you to help you and your family understand the health data, giving you an outline of your medical history and what to look out for in the future, health-wise.

DNA sequencing has a whole lot of benefits in the field of medical science which will help to achieve new success in eradicating vicious diseases which are making millions suffer every year. HashCash is planning to create a common platform to help medical experts from all around the world to come together and share their knowledge and resources. In this way, the chances of discovering new medical heights are possible in the medical sector globally as information is no more limited to the hands of few. Hence, all the great minds from all across the world could work together in developing new solutions to chronic, expensive illnesses using genetic sequencing.

A blockchain is a networked system which works like a database. In this database, data is stored and maintained. Usually used for personal or corporate systems, blockchains can also be used for medical purposes like keeping health records of patients.

Raj Chowdhury, Managing Director at HashCash, says, “It is fascinating to use blockchain to uncover the secrets of the human genome. With blockchain, modern biology is finally able to use the true power of information technology. Blockchain platform promises implementation of advanced genetic sequencing which will tell the story of our evolution from the data hidden in our genomes.”

HashCash aims at allowing scientists to separate the DNA of an individual and identify the DNA by allotting different codes through this blockchain based platform. Based on these codes, scientists and medical experts can detect the common DNA of patients suffering from cancer, diabetics or chronic heart disease. This platform will be a blessing for people across the globe as with DNA sequencing it is possible for early detection of medical condition they might face in future.

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