Helpful Tips to Become a Crypto Franchise in Hong Kong

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Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currency is created and managed with the advanced encryption techniques also known as cryptography. Slowly but steadily, the global economy has shifted to a more digital and eco-friendly system. Different systems in economic world like savings, transfers and even investments have gone paperless.

Cryptocurrency is the latest and the fastest growing participant in this race. Cryptocurrency made its heroic entry in 2009 and took the market by storm. Hong Kong has been well known as the crypto hub for a long time.

Investment opportunities in cryptocurrency world 

Although, cryptocurrency presents a number of investment opportunities trading in crypto can be a difficult road to travel for a new investor.  Undoubtedly, getting started with cryptocurrency trading in not easy. However, the solution to this is choosing a route to become a crypto-franchise.

Until the crypto-technology saw its boom, the word ‘franchise’ was linked with the retail and food industry. But with cryptocurrency, the term took a new shape and meaning. A cryptocurrency franchise is a gateway to a world of new opportunities and advancements by associating with an exchange as a sub-broker or freelancer.

Benefits of cryptocurrency franchise model 

A cryptocurrency franchise disentangles all the complexities and complications associated with the Cryptocurrency business. A cryptocurrency franchise eliminates the space for the phrase ‘tips for cryptocurrency trading’. It replaces this phrase with a well structured business model and infrastructural support. It gives a chance to associate with a well established exchange for  business growth.

Choosing a right exchange 

One of the biggest challenges faced by businessmen here is choosing the right exchange to associate with. Cryptocurrency has been misrepresented and misinterpreted by the market players for a long time. Hence, choosing the right exchange becomes a tough task. But there are some facts that one must remember while selecting the right exchange.

  1. The exchange should posses a well established infrastructure.
  2. It is much safer and better if the exchange has its roots  widely spread internationally.
  3. An exchange with well established recognition in the market is much safer.
  4. The exchange should have a well structured security system for the money of their clients.

Today, the Hong Kong market is flooded with cryptocurrency exchanges. This gives an investor a wide variety to choose from. But at the same time it also makes it difficult for him to choose the right exchange.

Exchanges Offering Franchise Model in Hong Kong 

One such exchange that has gained its recognition and success in the Hong Kong market is PCEX. The exchange offers a franchise model which allows the investor to get connected with the platform in two ways:

  1. One can become a Sub-Broker
  2. One can opt to become a Freelancer.


Both the ways opens doors to high regulated returns. As a sub-broker, one can withdraw their payouts monthly and get promising high returns.

The exchange offers a strong five-layer security model to protect the money of their clientele. Furthermore, the exchange also offers high liquidity with minimal transaction fee at 0.05%.

Cryptocurrency has seen a steady and rapid growth since its emergence. Today crypto is widely embraced and offers a wide range of opportunities to everyone. The future of cryptocurrency will present its users ultimate control over their money and its security. Hence, associating with it today will award the users with high returns in the future. The easiest and safest way to do the same is via a franchise model.

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