HouseAfrica to build 6,700 houses over the next five years in Africa, leveraging the blockchain to ensure transparency

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Nairobi, Kenya- Typically press releases begin with a company’s accomplishment or an announcement of a new hire or to even highlight of a recent acquisition. However, at HouseAfrica we find it of pertinence to begin our press release by explaining our “WHY.”


There are 1.2 Billion people in Africa; according to a recent UNICEF report, Africa’s population will explode by 2050, resulting in 1 out every four humans being African. This poses a tremendous problem on an already strained, real estate eco-system. Between Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Namibia- 32 million people lack access to decent and affordable housing. Rapid urbanization, its acuity in African economies will be more pronounced if actions are not taken to remedy the issue. Over the coming years, millions of Africans will need shelter – a roof over their heads. This huge population boom is the strongest underlying reason for the massive demand for accommodation and real estate properties across Africa. African markets will need to improve the fundamentals of their housing sectors. While the specific features of local real estate markets and regulatory regimes vary significantly across the continent, from Nigeria to Egypt to South Africa, chronic housing deficits, a lack of funding and an affordability gap are common throughout the region.


Co-Founders Uba Nnamdi and Ikokpu Ndifreke, both seasoned blockchain developers and CEO, Nakia J. White, MBA decided that the current housing problem alongside the ballooning population growth would merely not be remedied through building houses. The solution had to be dynamic to solve the issues of access, affordability, and transparency.  Their personal experiences dealing with unscrupulous landlords and unsavory real estate transactions also fueled their need to help resolve the problem.


HouseAfrica is looking to help solve the problems of access, affordability, and transparency in two simple ways. First, by building decent, affordable housing for young Africans. Rent for a well-built unit will range anywhere from $70.00 to $150.00 per month. The ultimate goal is to turn young renters into young homeowners.  Secondly, HouseAfrica seeks to solve the problem of transparency by leveraging the blockchain. The immutable ledger built on top of Waves will ensure that properties don’t fall into the hands of overzealous investors who will attempt to raise rental and sales prices.


The platform is built on top of Waves and has KYC/AML end-user verification. The protocol is also used to execute smart contracts for leases,  which will ultimately be used for home purchases.


HouseAfrica plans to build their first phase of 150 affordable housing in Kajado, Kenya. 450 units will be built in different locations throughout Kenya. Phase Two Nigeria and Phase three South Africa 


HouseAfrica will be holding its first private sale December 1st through December 15th. 35% discount on tokens which are valued at 1 HAF=0.025. You can join the telegram group or visit the Website at for buy tokens.

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