How much does it cost to create a Security Token Offering Platform?

Stella Carlos

Stella Carlos

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Over the past few years, crowdfunding has gained more popularity after the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Many people are showing more interest in participating in crowdfunding campaigns. A factor that plays a vital role in attracting most investors to crypto crowdfunding is the inclusion of blockchain technology.

There are numerous types of crypto crowdfunding prevailing in the crypto ecosystem. They are ICO, STO, IEO, etc. Among these methods, the security token offering is more popular based on the security features it offers. In this blog, we shall discuss all the complete information regarding STO and the cost of creating a security token offering platform.


What is a Security token offering (STO)?

Security token offering is considered one of the most popular crypto crowdfunding methods among all other methods. Startups and budding entrepreneurs who are wishing to raise capital for their crypto business can raise funds with the help of security tokens. While talking about security tokens, they are issued in the blockchain that is created by pegging some of the stake, asset, or entity. Those assets represent various real-world entities like bonds, shares, and high valuables like gold, silver, crude oil, equities, etc.

Additionally, for issuing security tokens, SEC guidelines and regulations should be followed. By following this, the token creators will be provided with high security. Security tokens are created by integrating all special features in a smart contract. After getting approval from the SEC, the security tokens can be launched easily. But, the SEC guidelines and regulations may alter according to the geographic location. Each country has its own norms and security tokens should be created considering those factors.


How to launch an STO?

Developing a highly functional security token offering platform is not a tough process as you think. STO platform can be developed using two methods. One is developing from scratch and the other is from a script. While developing from scratch, as it is developed from the initial stage, it might take more time and requires more money. The other method is developing by script.

STO script is tailor-made software that has all the inbuilt features that have to be incorporated into the STO website. As all the outstanding features come under a single script, there is no need to develop an STO platform from the base. Also, the STO website can be created and launched promptly.

Even if the STO platform is developed with an STO script, its development cost may alter based on various factors. The following are the various factors that influence the development cost of an STO.


Factors that determine the cost of STO development

Before setting up a business, we’ll first think of the development cost. Now, we shall see the factors that play a major role in influencing the STO development cost.


The idea of your project

The business idea of your STO project plays a major role in determining the cost of the STO development. If your project’s idea is a bit complex, then the cost will be fixed accordingly. So, draft a unique and feasible business idea that won’t cost more.



The cost of developing an STO platform might also be determined based on the project’s complexity. If the project is more complex, it might require more developers for STO development. So, think accordingly about the reduction of development costs.



As discussed earlier, the details included in the whitepaper should be well and good. So, drafting a whitepaper also plays a role in influencing the STO development cost.



STO development process might take a certain amount of time for completing a project. If the project is a bit difficult, then it may take some more time. So, draft a perfect timeline for the completion of your STO project.


Technical framework

The technical features that are enabled in the STO website also influence the development cost of an STO. If any alterations are done in the architectural framework, then the STO development cost might alter.


The above-discussed are the factors that determine the cost of developing an STO. So, there is no substantial cost for STO development. It may alter based on these factors. Consider all those factors while planning for the STO development. Now, we shall discuss the estimated cost of launching an STO.


How much does it cost to create an STO? 

While talking about the development cost for launching an STO, it may differ for scratch and script. Depending on the methods and features you’re adding to your STO website, the developing cost may range accordingly. When you’re developing your STO platform from scratch, then it may range from $50k – $60k.

When coming to the STO script, all the features come inbuilt within it so it costs less than developing from scratch. Building an STO platform using STO script may range from $8k-14k. If you’re in a dilemma in choosing the best development method for your business, then I would suggest you go with the STO script.

Choosing an STO script for developing your STO business has numerous advantages. Developing your STO platform with an STO script is far better than developing from scratch. Time will be completely reduced, less manpower is required and money can be saved when you’re preferring STO script. So, choosing an STO script over scratch will be more helpful and affordable for your STO development process.


Final thoughts

Developing a full-fledged STO platform is not as easy as you think. Various strategies and a highly skilled team are required to succeed in the crypto ecosystem. Having an expert professional team from your side will help for the perfect launch of your STO. So, approach a renowned STO script provider in the crypto ecosystem. They’ll guide you from the initial stage which would help you stand top among your competitors.

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