How to earn money in a hassle-free manner from home during COVID-19 Lockdown?

Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh

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Corona is a very dangerous virus that causes many people to lose their lives across the world. This pandemic situation made everyone stay at home. They named this coronavirus as COVID-19. It spreads from one infected person to another within a very short period of time.

So social distancing is more important to control this spreading. Even though the death count is increasing day by day due to COVID-19. So many major countries like the US, UK, Italy, Spain, India and other countries made a temporary lockdown in order to control the spread of the virus.

It also affected the business persons, investors, and our economy. This made many people jobless and they can not even come out from home to buy their needs. All the shops, malls and theatres were closed. But the basic needs are given to people and medical shops are opened.

While on the other hand, doctors, police and other helping peoples are trying to save people from the coronavirus. This also affected the financial wealth of every individual. The people who earn money daily by their works got more affected due to COVID-19.

It attacks from every side but we people should stay at home and stay safe. Money is very important to run a daily life. If there is no job then there will be no money and this will put us in a risky situation. We cannot predict when this pandemic lockdown gets over. Until then we need money in a hassle-free manner.

so this pandemic made many people raise questions about how we can earn money hassle-free from the home. There are lots of online businesses to earn money quickly. If you are locked down at home and are wondering how to pass the time or making money. There are several ways out that can help you do both things and earn money easily. In this blog, we are gonna discuss some easy ways to make money during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Easy ways to make money during Lockdown:

Online tutoring:

Online tutoring is a very decent way of making money from the home. For now, online tutoring is a more prominent online business. For many students board exams and university exams are coming on so they need an online tutor to teach them and revise their portion. Even many students are mostly interested in gaining knowledge through the internet or tutoring websites. So this is an added advantage for online tutoring jobs.

There are many websites available for online tutors with good pay. On those websites, they will offer you 1000 to 5000 rupees according to your quality of content. They don’t ask about any qualifications in teaching.

If you are interested in earning money by teaching. Then you can select the best online tutoring websites and you can start making money in this lockdown period.

Starting a Cryptocurrency exchange:

First, you should know what is a cryptocurrency and what is a cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency developed by the best blockchain developers and also by cutting-edge technologies. For the first digital currency, they named it bitcoin. For now, it is the best and most popular digital currency all over the globe.

After the grand success of bitcoin, they started to develop many cryptocurrencies in upcoming years. The Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can sell, buy and exchange any digital assets.

If you start a cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can set a fee for trading, buying and selling as a commission charge. There will be no bank or third party that can notice your transactions. Already many people started to build a cryptocurrency exchange platform and earned ample amounts of profits.

If you are also interested in starting an online business in this lockdown then use cryptocurrency exchange software to launch an exchange trading platform immediately in a secure manner. After the lockdown, you will become a successful business person with gaining lots of profits.


Blog writers, online news portals and content creators will search for proofreaders who can make their work easier and make money.  If you have good grammar skills and you have good writing skills in English. then your skills could be highly valued by some most popular publishers.

There are plenty of platforms out there. Those publishers will pay you up to Rs 50 per page or Rs 150 per hour and it’s just an average amount. If you work more than three hours every day, you can earn lots of money easily in your home.

The only need for proofreading is good grammar and writing skills. Also, you should know the latest news and be updated always. You should deeply analyze the topic before starting to write a content or blog. It helps you to earn money easily in lockdown if you have enough linguistic skills.

Online surveys:

If you want to make your own money hassle-free, then filling online surveys may be a good option. Payment for online surveys varies hugely for different websites available on the internet. While some survey websites offer only Rs 5 to Rs 10 for your work. There are many websites available across the world which can help you to earn money up to Rs 50 to Rs 100. Based on the time of your working you may even get high pay from the surveys.

Before choosing this option to earn money from home. Be sure that most of these survey portals pay up once you have earned a particular amount. so make sure to read the terms and conditions properly and start to make money quickly.

Sell your photos/videos:

If you are more interested in photography and you are very good at taking awesome clicks from your phone. Then you can sell your excellent snaps to various websites based on photography platforms. Also, You could make money easily by selling your photo snaps as stock photos. 

You don’t need any professional camera, just use a mobile camera to take a classy creative picture. So even pictures taken using your phone may be reached to newspapers, publishers or stock photo sites. If you are good at video editing and video making. Then you can sell your best video clips and edits to stock video platforms.

By using these methods at home you can earn money during this lockdown period. But a very good internet facility is more important.

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  1. Lockdown had really made earning money difficult. But i have some ideas. Yes, my suggestion to earn money is through Cryptocurrency exchange software. If you want a clear idea about how to start a crypto exchange platform and earn huge profits, dive into this article

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