How to initiate Cryptocurrency exchange platform development in 2021

Aria Brielle

Aria Brielle

Aria Brielle is a Blockchain Consultant at Cryptocurrency Exchange Script. I'm enthusiastic about learning new advancements in the crypto exchange and blockchain market. I collaborate with various organizations and help analyze their competitors to provide them better strategies to improve and keep their businesses up to date.

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Cryptocurrency exchange platform development is currently the hottest and profitable business in the world. Bitcoin, considered the leader of the cryptocurrency industry recently breached the $19,800 mark and is at its highest value since December 2017. Cryptocurrency exchanges make huge money through trading fees whenever a transaction gets executed by a user on their platform and listing fees for adding new coins or tokens to the exchange.  Hence, the time is ripe for creating a Cryptocurrency exchange software now and capitalize on the booming trend. 

The advantages of involving in Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  • Cross-border transfer of funds between users can be done anonymously.
  • The transactions are irreversible in nature ensuring no chance of chargeback fraud to occur on the platform. 
  • An affiliate program will be present where the existing users will get exciting rewards for referring the platform to new users by sharing the referral link with their friends, colleagues, and relatives.
  • Transfer of assets can be done speedily at economical rates in a decentralized manner without any control by an authority.
  • It operates 24×7, unlike traditional financial markets that work only for a few hours in a day.
  • It is inflation resistant and not affected by government policies or economic downturn.


The different kinds of Cryptocurrency exchange software available in the market now

  • The Centralized exchange involves an intermediary who executes the transactions for the users. Users have to deposit their funds on the exchange platform and it will be held under the custody of an authority. Hence, the users of a Centralized exchange will not have access to the private keys of their exchange’s wallet account. Centralized exchanges have been the victim of several hacking attacks in the past and users’ funds have been swindled without any chance of recovery. Therefore, users’ security is an issue faced by Centralized exchanges.


  • Decentralized exchanges do not have any intermediary for processing the transactions for the users. Users get more privacy and security in a decentralized platform. The exchange will not hold any of the users’ funds and the users retail 100% control over their assets without facing restrictions in any form. Only the user has access to his private keys which serve as a gateway to his cryptocurrency wallet. They lack liquidity, do not accept advanced types of orders like stop-loss orders and limit orders, and cannot handle huge trading volumes at a time which may not attract professional traders who do high-frequency trading to the platform.


  • Hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges combine the aspects of both centralized and decentralized platforms and remove their shortcomings. This ensures a reliable and trustworthy trading experience for the users.  No third party will either hold or maintain the custody of the users’ funds on the platform. Some of the Hybrid exchanges are Qurrex, Stoxum, and Eidoo. Many crypto startups and entrepreneurs firmly believe that Hybrid exchanges are the future of cryptocurrency trading. Currently, many projects are in various stages of technical experimentation and development.

The steps to initiate Cryptocurrency exchange platform development


  • Ensure that your exchange complies with all the regulations issued by a certified authority in your jurisdiction. This will ensure that there are no operational hiccups in your business in the future. Crypto-friendly jurisdictions make the entire process quicker and more streamlined.


  • Raise adequate funding for your venture and approach prospective investors for the needed financial support. Various costs will have to be incurred on technology incorporation, government registration, hosting of the server, getting expert advice from legal counsel, and initial advertising. Adequate cash must be available for carrying out the daily operations of the Cryptocurrency exchange until the platform becomes completely profitable. 



  • Partner with a bank or a payment solution provider to ensure smooth execution of transactions. Facilitate fast clearance and settlement of funds either through an automatic payment gateway or manual remittance. It will add a lot of convenience to your user. Compliance with the rules laid down by the PCI will safeguard your cryptocurrency exchange platform against various cyber threats from time to time. 


  • Boost liquidity on your platform by establishing API’s with the other leading crypto exchanges in the market. 


  • Include some trending features like a robust admin console, a powerful matching engine that manages the entire order book efficiently, a customer management system, spot KYC/AML verification, integrated hot and cold wallets for sending and receiving cryptocurrency safely, multi-platform compatibility, support for the major cryptos and the leading fiat currencies, and ERC20 compatibility.


  • Implement the best security practices such as two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, jail login, geofencing, IP tracking, cross-site request forgery protection, email authentication, and password-protected user access. Any hacking or phishing attacks can tarnish your reputation in the industry. 


  • After doing extensive beta testing of the software and eliminating the different bugs and glitches by analyzing the full range of capabilities, launch the cryptocurrency exchange platform officially in the market at an appropriate time. 


  • Organize massive marketing campaigns across various communication channels to generate positive buzz and greater business traction.


  • Offer end-to-end customer support services round the clock to ensure greater user retention. Hire a dedicated team to approve new KYC requests, respond to different customer complaints, and for processing the deposit and withdrawal of fiat currency.


The various methods to kickstart Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

  • You can form an in-house team of experienced blockchain developers. Estimate the time involved and the costs to be incurred beforehand. Many factors need to be considered like the developers’ work experience, the tech stack to be used, and the functionalities you want to incorporate into your exchange. 


  • You can visit platforms like GitHub and gain access to open-source Cryptocurrency exchange scripts. The biggest advantage of this method is that the source code is completely free. You need a technical expert to understand the coding aspects of the open-source script. 


  • Another alternative present is to acquire a customized white label cryptocurrency exchange software. It would have been already extensively pre-tested and comes without any bugs or glitches. You can also add your brand name, UI/UX design, languages, and colour theme according to your business requirements. There is no need to possess any technical knowledge to operate a white label exchange software. All the core components will be present beforehand and it is extremely budget-friendly. 


The future in store for Cryptocurrency exchange platform development

Many brokers, hedge funds, institutional traders, asset management companies, and financial institutions are flocking to cryptocurrency trading these days. It is always a revenue-generating business. There are a few concerns regarding how blockchain technology can permanently disrupt traditional financial systems. 

More institutional investors and corporate companies entering the market would lift the credibility of the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry to a new level. It can act as a medium of exchange, as a store of value, as a unit of account, for processing transactions, used to prove digital ownership, and is highly superior to physical currencies as it is free from any government interference and manipulation. 

The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies may skyrocket in the coming years depending on the pace of digitization and the adoption of blockchain technology in business operations. Extreme market volatility is another issue that cryptocurrencies need to counter as their value can drastically fluctuate in a short while. 

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