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How to Pick Your Next 5 Cryptocurrency Investments

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In order to have an edge in the world of cryptocurrency investing, it’s important to keep up with the news regarding different projects. This is often the driving factor in regards to price fluctuations either for bad or for good. This can often be achieved by watching social media outlets or even discord channels which are likely to produce the kinds of information tidbits that will keep investors ahead of the curve.

In today’s article, we’ll be going over a few cryptocurrencies that have some key announcements coming to light in the month of May. With the right tools, it’s easy for anyone to perform their own crypto analysis, but it would be wise to watch out for these projects and to keep tabs on their developments.


This is a blockchain based platform for the trading of virtual goods. Their decentralized exchange for virtual assets will allow for people all over the world to safely trade digital goods of all kinds without the hassles that are common in traditional financial platforms.

Their solution will increase buyer confidence, reduce fraud, and allow for gamers and developers to both earn from the time spent within their respective digital ecosystems. This company has many exciting new announcements in the pipeline including attendance at several blockchain and gaming conferences, but in the month of May they will also be releasing their much-awaited bounty platform. Details have yet to be released, but many holders are excited for the opportunity to earn these bounties.

The bounty release is just the appetizer though, and in June, investors will be able to partake in the main course, when the real meat and potatoes of the project come into being. This is when they will begin pushing out the marketplace itself. It would be wise to watch their progress in the next couple of months, as May is just the start of what they have planned.


This little-known crypto project is possibly the only one looking to put telecom services on the blockchain. They’ve recently done a big website redesign, and they’ve successfully deployed their application for both Android and iOS. These applications will allow mobile phone users worldwide to buy and sell their data, effectively giving access at a reduced cost to many, while allowing those who do not utilize all their data to make back their money.

In May and June, they have many exciting announcements coming up that include some coveted exchange listings, and they will be activating services in their first set of countries in May, with more rolling out for the rest of the year. This a truly unique project with an already functioning product and still more great things to come. The price is still quite attractive, even to investors without much capital, and the applications for this technology are globally applicable.

POA Network

This elegant scaling solution to the issues that plague the Ethereum blockchain is possibly one of the nicest projects to come out of this sector. Their solution runs all smart contracts and applications on side chains which are meant to de-clutter the main network stream and allow free flow of transactions for all parties involved.

They also operate on the Proof of Authority algorithm, which they believes is superior to Proof of Stake as it means that contributors must stake their reputation on the blockchain in order to create blocks. This keeps players more honest in the long run, and it could contribute to a better network as a whole.

For the month of May, POA is poised to launch the first cross chain bridge. Users will be able to send POA tokens back and forth now from the POA chain and the Ethereum chain. This solution will effectively allow not only POA, but also any chains built upon their network to have the added liquidity and options offered by the Ethereum main chain, in addition to the scaling advantages of being built upon their home network. This is a great release and a great project that investors don’t want to miss out on.


Digibyte has certainly had their ups and downs over the years, and they may not be as exciting as a shiny new ICO, but they do have a very interesting feature coming out this month. After a very long wait, they are releasing their Digi-ID protocol. This security layer will allow users to abandon the need for a username and password combinations, and even eliminate the need for 2FA.

What this essentially means is that users will be able to secure their information on chain using Digibyte’s system, and then use it to sign up to websites. It would work similarly to what Facebook login allows, but without the need to allow conglomerates free access to your personal data.

As people become more and more aware of how entities such as Facebook are using their private information it become very attractive to use a protocol such as this, and Digibyte is prepared to roll it out this month. Be on the look out, this quiet little crypto could get a lot louder very soon. Good news for those holding since 2014.


This project is an interesting take on the ability for websites to monetize their content not by ads, but by the user’s computer power. By implementing a single line of code, the website’s visitors can contribute by using their computer power for the Oyster network, which then, in turn, pays the website owners. While some are critical of this setup, there are other uses for this platform, such as for anonymous, decentralized storage.

The PRL team have experienced a bit of a delay in their releases, but May marks the new release date for the Oyster main net. This will be the basis for their project, and what everyone is waiting to test out. While they still have a lot of work to do, this will be a very important release and one that everyone should be watching.

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