How To Use Bitcoin Payment Gateway Processor?

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency method that has become quite popular since its launch in 2009. Considering it an easy method for business trading people are using it on a bigger scale. The biggest benefit that bitcoin is offering the audience is that it can be transferred easily and in no time. We have come to observe that bitcoin is also playing its part in data science services, as people are now more intrigued to learn about the algorithms and technical issues. 

Before moving ahead, let’s take a quick overview of the Bitcoin Gateway Processor.

What is Bitcoin Payment Processor?

The concept of bitcoin payment gateway processor is quite simple, as this procedure allows the traders to accept the payment in bitcoins but then immediately payment processor facilitates the payment to the fiat currency, and in this way, the payment is converted. 

So, if you are worried about how to use the bitcoin gateway method then you don’t have to, as we have got you covered.

The following are the methods that will help you know how you can use the bitcoin gateway processor method for your convenience. 


It is one of the best Bitcoin and payment processing gateway methods, the feature that makes it stand between other cryptocurrency methods is that it allows the merchants to split the money between Bitcoin and fiat currency. This way the merchants don’t have to risk their entire amount as they can keep some of the Bitcoin money to use later. 

Alphacoins doesn’t offer transactional fees like some other methods, yet it offers a low transaction of 0.99 %. Alpha coins not only transfer bitcoins but also Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Dash, and XRP. A very amazing feature of this method is that it asks for no chargebacks or subscription fee and the funds you draw from it can be in USD or Euro.


BitPay is easy to operate and is very secure. What makes BitPay secure is its two-factor authentication. Other than this feature, BitPay also offers its customers to set the withdrawal time speed according to their preferred time frame. 

BitPay also uses modern technology to transfer the money into fiat currency. While using BitPay, the customers have to make their payment through Bitcoin before checking out. According to reviews, we have collected the information that BitPay is fast at its service with zero maintenance issues. 


CoinsBank, as their website says “is all in one gateway to blockchain services”. It is also very user friendly and simple to use. This method works through an app, that’s why it is also available for mobile phones. The major flat currencies it supports are USD, GBP, and EUR. This application has proved to be very handy for the merchants who transfer a lot of Bitcoin payments.

Same as the BitPay method, CoinsBank also offers a two-way authentication system to keep your account secure and your payment safe. This app lets you transfer your payment to your friends and family without any charges and it also provides the customers with a 24/7 customer complaint service to resolve their queries immediately.


GoURL is the best solution for people with no identification card and bank account. The feature that makes it interesting is that it is even compatible with Bitcoin debit cards. GoURL also charges no transaction or monthly fee. To enhance its user friendly for the customer, it has been working with different e-commerce websites such as Woocommerce.

The one thing you should know is that the GoURL platform charges a high fee than the other platforms. So, the process would be a little expensive. But the reason most of the merchants prefer it is that it is very reliable and from it, the money can be transacted in just 30 seconds after the payment.


Shopify is one of the oldest modes of bitcoin payment, that’s why right now the majority of merchants in different parts of the words are using it. With time, this platform has advanced its many features. As it requires no debit card for the payment and their website also gives you a choice of hiring an expert to help you earn more bitcoins.

APIs are one of its best features as it permits the integration with Coinbase and other payment gateways, and as a result, the payment method becomes easy. It also has a customer service helpline to help their customers.

Bitcoin is the modern form of money and as it allows the transaction to be hundred times fast, merchants prefer it. So, if you want to make money through Bitcoin you should follow the above-mentioned steps and learn how to use the Bitcoin gateway payment method. 

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